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Cologne Downtown

by Homer Jay     Germany > Nordrhein-Westfalen > Köln, Kreisfreie Stadt

Attention! This Geocache is "Archived"! There is no physical container at the specified (or to be determined) coordinates. In the interest of the place it should not be necessarily to search!

N 50° 56.211' E 006° 57.795' (WGS84)

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 Size: micro
Status: Archived
 Route: 2.0 km
 Hidden on: 04 March 2004
 Listed since: 04 September 2005
 Last update: 18 April 2015
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC00F6
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Sightseeing in Cologne Downtown ! The tour is appr. 2.5 km long. Easy reachable by bus/train, free parking is not possible. Serveral garages are available e.g. at the Heumarkt N50° 56.197´ E006° 57.710´.

Start coordinates are above mentioned. You are moving in a relative small area (N50° 56.Y´ E006° 57.X´), therefore you have to calculate new values for Y and X. Remember : first * and /, then + and - ! A pocket calculator is helpful.

1. The "clock" has 6 o´ clock-position. The hands are showing which numbers ? A=number of the thin hand, B=number of the big hand.
2. How far is this building away from the moon ? C=add the digits of all km numbers.
3. Who is sitting on the bank ? You have to know the person or you have to asked. The plate on the bank won´t help you ! D=alphabet position of the first name (a=1, b=2, ....z=26), E= alphabet position of the surname
X=(B+C)*10+8 (take the way in SW direction)
4. How many persons kneeing inside the courtyard ? F=number of persons (if you cannot see them, watch out for a plate, F=crowns minus 1)
5. How deep is the shaft ? G=depth in meter
6. How many big stones has the top row of the old street ? H=number of stones
7. Here you can find plates with information about dimensions (only these !) of this building. I=number of plates upper row, J=number of plates lower row -1 (!).
8. Close to the cache ! look up : on the socket you will find a name of a city. K=alphabet position fourth letter.

Cache-Location : N50° 56.(K*40)´ E006° 57.(C+G+K)*10+I´

It seems worse than it is. Take the time you need and discover downtown. Don´t forget your camera ! Please be very carefully during pick up the cache. It is well hidden, but there are a lot of people anytime.
GPS signal maybe a little bit weak, but you can solve it. All coordinates are determined within 6 meter accuracy. Don´t forget your MagLite if you would like to do the tour at night.

Enjoy it !!!

Additional hint   Decrypt

pnpur : fgehg ng gur clyba haqre n guerr qvtvg ahzore



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Archived 18 April 2015 Homer Jay has archived the cache

und tschüss

Note 11 January 2008 GeoFaex wrote a note

Laut Owner-Log bei GC ist der Cache weg....



Team Opencaching.de 

Found 02 December 2007 Tünnes und Hexe found the geocache

Heute auch diesen "nebenbei Cache" abgeschlossen. Auf dem Plan stand noch die letzte Station und das Final. Die anderen Stationen aben wir im laufen der Zeit nebenbei immermalwieder eine gelöst.
Danke für die Dose und
Grüße von
dem Tünnes und der Hexe

PS. warum lagen am Final 3 leere Filmdosen in für Cacher üblichen Posen rum? Habe sie mal mitgenommen.

Found 27 October 2007 powermik found the geocache

Koelnausflug Tag 1 mit B_r_e_i_t_i und den M&Ms


Found 27 October 2007 M & Ms found the geocache

#7 on our trip to Cologne together with B_r_e_i_t_i and powermik

We were a bit confused to find out the number of stones at the old street (or even determine the old street). We had to ask a german tourist guide for the name of the person at the bench, too.

Somehow, this cache seems to be made for locals [:(] rather than for tourists.

The cache location isn't very nice, too.

No trade.

Martina & Michael