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Biotopweg Eustacchio

by orotl     Austria > Steiermark > Graz

Attention! This Geocache is "Archived"! There is no physical container at the specified (or to be determined) coordinates. In the interest of the place it should not be necessarily to search!

N 47° 03.701' E 015° 28.344' (WGS84)

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 Size: micro
Status: Archived
 Hidden on: 28 May 2005
 Listed since: 04 September 2005
 Last update: 05 February 2013
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC00FC
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Description    Deutsch  ·  English

Der dritte Cache meiner kleinen Serie der Lehrpfade in und um Graz:
(1) Waldlehrpfad Schloß St. Martin
(2) Feuchtbiotop-Lehrpfad
(3) Biotopweg Eustacchio
(4) Waldlehrpfad Leechwald
(5) Des Forschers Naturpark
(6) Ökoinsel Mariagrün
(7) Naturerlebnispark Rielteiche

(B) Naturdenkmäler in Graz - Bonuscache
(Für den Bonuscache findest du eine Zahl als Key im Cache, merke sie dir)

This cache is well suited for a family-excursion.
It is possible to do this cache by bicycle, but I suggest to leave your bicycle at the starting point and to go for a walk.
Depending on the time, there should exist free parking lots near the starting point.

If you make your trip in the morning or in the evening hours, you should be prepared to meet many mosquitoes.

A request: All stations and also the cache itself are placed straight near the paths, please do not leave the paths
and respect the area which needs to be protected.

At the starting point you will find several maps, one of them shows the nature trail.
In fact the map is currently missing, you can use the foto in the description.
Try to memorise the course, you can see 15 stations which you need to visit to solve the tasks mentioned below.
The tasks are typically of the following form: Find the item listed in the table below and ount the number
of characters of its name.
Two other stations are located nearby a small fitness trail.

On the way you can visit the following waypoint: N47 03.595 E15 28.675
It's located offside the course and has nothing to do with this cache, but it is worth a visit.

1 Count the number of characters from a tree V........................e  
2 Species of animals S........................e  
3 Plant K........................h  
4 Plant B........................h  
5 Plant I........................n  
6 Animal B........................g  
7 Species of animals  
8 Number of imaged fishes  
9 Small image of plant W........................n (if not readable use hint)  
10 Tree (without hyphen) S........................e  
11 Bush R........................e  
12 Animal I........................l
Here you can see the fitness trail for the first time ...
13 Animal E........................r  
14 Ugh, what's about this here? Number of cables.  
15 1, 2, ... ?  
  Sum A=
  Fitness: who many stations are there B=
  Fitness: number of exercises (Übungen) x iterations (Wiederholungen) for sportsmen ('Sportler') at station 16 C=

The cache is hidden at the following coordinates: N47 03.A+B+578 E15 28.A+C+495

The cache is a small film canister, therefore there is no space for trading items.

Some more comments with regard to the cache:
I have searched for a long time for an optimal hideout. On the one hand it should be secure against founds
by muggles, on the other hand the search for the micro should not result destroying parts of the biotope.
The current position is a compromise, I dont know who long the cache will survive there.
Therefore keep in mind: If you don't find the micro within 2 meters from the path, it's probably no longer there,
please don't increase your radius of search in such a case at the expense of nature.
At the location of the hideout you have a strategically good overview, however there still exists the danger to
be watched. Please be careful! The search at times where the area is populated by many people should be avoided.

On the first page of the logbook, you'll find a number, do not forget to write it down as you will need it for
a future nature trail bonus cache.

NO pencil!

Thanks to cezanne who made my english translation better readable...

Additional hint   Decrypt

[Tafel 8:] urur
[Tafel 9:] rvtug
[Cache:] ng rlr yriry



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Log entries for Biotopweg Eustacchio    Found 35x Not found 0x Note 4x

Found 25 May 2012 ayacucho found the geocache

Mein erster Cache! gefunden mit Knurri Cool wegen verwitterter Tafeln war doch eine Portion Glück dabei..

aber sehr schöne Gegend!! TFTC!

Found 17 July 2011 Tschurtschn found the geocache

Netter schattiger Spaziergang im Biotopdickicht. Die fehlende Tiergattung ist leicht zu erraten. TFTC

Found 10 October 2010 pinpointme found the geocache

Bei strahlendem Wetter heute noch einmal ausgerückt um den mir am nächsten verbliebenen Cache zu heben. Schon vor 30 Jahren habe ich viel Zeit in dieser Gegend verbracht, und so war es nett wieder einmal hier zu sein. Leider ist der Naturlehrpfad schon recht heruntergekommen, die Natur selbst aber noch wie in alten Zeiten. Nach ein paar Extraschleifen, weil ich meine Notizen verloren habe war das Doserl am Ende doch recht rasch gefunden, wobei künftige Suchende das mit den 2m Abstand nicht so eng nehmen dürfen - ich würde knapp geschätzt 3, besser 4 m für zutreffender halten. In Augenhöhe ist eher variabel, grenzt am Final aber zumindest die Richtung ganz gut ein. Heute ist ja sozusagen GC-Feiertag, meinen Teil zur Statistik hab ich also beigetragen. TFTC 

Found 27 March 2010 sputnik73 found the geocache

Endlich meinen zweiten Cache abgeschlossen! Muss zugeben, ich habe ich etwas geplagt, aber der Biotop ist es ohnehin wert, öfter besucht zu werden. Danke!

Found 17 February 2010 O-Wanderer found the geocache

Es war ein schöner Winterspaziergang.