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The Rocks of Mr Crahay

par Captain Cook     Belgique > Prov. Liège > Arr. Liège

N 50° 27.813' E 005° 44.844' (WGS84)

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 Caché en : 25. août 2003
 Affiché depuis : 05. octobre 2005
 Dernière mise à jour : 27. février 2006
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These rocks that you will find on a height of 300 m above sea-level are the remains of the first marine shore where the Ardennes soil arose from the sea.
They are formed of quartzite and shale boulder.
They are named in honour of Mr. J. N. Crahay, General Manager of the Forestry Commission, thanks to whom the Ninglinspo site was protected and classified.

Park your car at N 50° 28.114 E 005° 44.631.
Walk upstream into the valley of the Ninglinspo.
Please use local ways and paths, don’t try to get a straight access to the rocks. Even the paths are very, very steep.

The cache is hidden at N 50° 27.813 E 005° 44.844.

If you want to search for the other cache hidden in this valley, don’t return to your car, but follow the red-white rectangular sign on many trees.

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trouvé 01. mai 2015 Kleinanzeige trouvé la géocache

After the Cache near the Ninglingspo we walked back over the Hills and passed the Rocks of Mr. Crahay


trouvé 01. novembre 2007 vampirhummel trouvé la géocache

On the way to "Une autre vallée" we decided to make a small detour and fetch this one. If Mrs Vampirhummel would have known how much we had to climb for this one, she would have waited on the foot of the hill - but lucky her that she joined for this cache, so that she could find this cache! While she recovered from the climbing, Mr Vampirhummel logged the cache and we proceeded to the highlight of the day...

In: wooden stamp, hippo
Out: %

Thanks for the gorgeous view over the valley!

trouvé 14. mai 2005, 21:55 harrieklomp trouvé la géocache

Ook tijdens het Extreme event deze mee kunnen pikken dankzij de Tuinkabouters waar ik een hele gezellige avond mee heb gehad.

Ni Nu.

Gr harrie

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The rocks of CrahayThe rocks of Crahay

trouvé 01. mai 2005 1_2_3_4_5 trouvé la géocache

trouvé 22. février 2004 Sleidanus trouvé la géocache

The second cache for today. The real caches are the beautyful landscapes Cpt. Cook hides her caches in. Thank you Cpt.!
The next visitor should bring a new logbook because the one placed in the cache is full.

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