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Klenkes 2005 - Grenzsteine

 A walk through the past of a country

by Captain Cook     Belgium > Prov. Liège > Arr. Verviers

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N 50° 43.975' E 006° 00.417' (WGS84)

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 Hidden on: 01 August 2005
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 Last update: 04 February 2017
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Neutral Moresnet existed for more than a hundred years. It had the form of a wedge of cake and was situated south of the present Three-country-point near Vaals.
It was rightly called a mini state, as it measured only 344 hectares and had a circumference of 11 km. Originally, there were only 256 inhabitants.
However, for the longest period of its existence it formed a Four-country-point together with Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.
If you want to know more please look at
We are prepared for a walk of 6,2 km through the whole country.
We can do the whole trip by mountainbike, but not with a stroller for children.
We will find many borderstones, pictures of them can be found on

We park our car at N 50° 43.975 E 006° 00.417.

WP 1: N 50° 43.860 E 006° 00.444
We go to the left, soon crossing the invisible western borderline of Neutral Moresnet.

WP 2: N 50° 43.770 E 006° 01.223
We have reached the eastern borderline of this small country.

We follow the path along the border to the north until a sign forces us to take the a more western way to

WP 3: N 50° 44.161 E 006° 01.043

WP 4: N 50° 44.320 E 006° 01.224
A cross tells us that Mrs Th. G. died here at AB.C.DEFG.

If the sun shines brightly one can see in the forest to the right a very overgrown path – the eastern borderline.

WP 5: N 50° 44.398 E 006° 01.241
Again we can follow the border up to the stone XXXVII at

WP 6: N 50° 44.767 E 006° 01.254
Here the eastern border meets the Burgundian border of 1439.

WP 7: N 50° 44.736 E 006° 01.301
One of the oldest Preuse stones, half hidden in a tree, has got the chiselled number HI (H different to I).

We can find at least another Burgundian stone on our way to

WP 8: N 50° 44.529 E 006° 01.638
The pilgrims from Aachen donated a cross in the year of 19JK.
We get the chance to rest and to make our calculation for the place of the cache box.

Once again we cross the small country.

The cache is hidden at
WP 9: N 50° 44.KEF E 006° 00.(H+I)(E-D)(A+B)
to the right in a classic hiding place.

Additional hint   Decrypt

haqre n gerr fghzc



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Mit der Familie mit Oma gefunden. Zum zweiten Mal gesucht und gefunden (letztes Mal 2010 mit Jojo). Danke für den Cache

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Schöne Runde gut gefunden.
out: TB

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Supergute Route.

Geschichtsunterreicht in einer ganz tollen Landschaft!

Das Wetter hat auch gepasst (19 Grad im November!).

Absolut empfehlenswert.