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Traditional Geocache
La vallée

 Hike along a small alpine belgian river. 2km

by Captain Cook     Belgium > Prov. Liège > Arr. Verviers

N 50° 30.107' E 005° 58.150' (WGS84)

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 Size: small
Status: Available
 Route: 2.0 km
 Hidden on: 22 August 2002
 Listed since: 05 October 2005
 Last update: 30 January 2017
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC0203
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Please park your car at N 50° 30.488, E 05° 57.621.
You will walk upstream one of the most beautiful small rivers of the Ardennes. When you have found the cache you can continue the walk upstream, up to the cache La Passerelle du Centenaire (GC11B53).

The cache is a Tupperware box with an orange lid.
It contains some interesting goodies for trading, and of course a logbook, a pencil, a sharpener and an eraser (do not trade!).

The cache is hidden in a place with an often changing quality of satellite-reception. So just take a seat at N 50°30.120, E 05°58.150 and look around. Where would you hide a cache?

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Ybbx sebz gur furygre nybat gur cngu gb gur pebffvat jvgu gur sberfg-fgerrg. Oruvaq gur pebffvat lbh’yy frr n fznyy ebpx. Gur pnpur vf uvqqra haqre gur ebpx.





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Log entries for La vallée    Found 17x Not found 0x Note 0x

Found 21 July 2020, 20:35 Team-MTB-OC found the geocache

We had a wonderful walk along the Statte and the Hoegne today. We enjoyed every moment of the extraordinary hike. Unfortunately it turned very full when starting the walk down the Hoegne.

Though the round is beautiful and we loved it, we cannot recommend it in Corona times because in the narrow parts of the valleys it is impossible to keep distance to other people when meeting or overtaking. [:(]


Found 02 October 2018 weltengreif found the geocache

This was one of the takes Fl0ydt and I made during a lovely, wee trip to Belgium. Tracking down the little blighter took a few minutes as we too were led astray by our GPSr.

TFTC & greets from Erkrath!

Cache #8000 (approx.)


Liebe/r Owner/in,
dieser Log wurde auf Englisch verfasst, weil mir das Spaß macht und weil Geocaching ein internationales Hobby ist, dem auch Leute frönen, die des Deutschen nicht mächtig sind und die sich - ebenso wie ich, wenn ich ins Ausland fahre - freuen, wenn ihnen ein englischsprachiger Log hilft zu entscheiden, ob sie einen Cache angehen sollen oder nicht.
Wenn du Fragen zu diesem Log hast, kannst du mich gerne auf Deutsch kontaktieren.
Findige Grüße, w.

  New coordinates:  N 50° 30.107' E 005° 58.150', moved by 24 meters

Found 22 November 2009 fraggle found the geocache

Heute gegen 15:57 h nach langer Suche gefunden !

Wunderschöne Flußlandschaft ! Sticker in / Nothing out.


Found 09 August 2008 Freifrau von Stein found the geocache

Teil einer wunderschönen, bis zu fünf Stunden langen Wanderung. War sehr einfach zu finden, auch wenn der Empfang wirklich äußerst schwankend war. In: Pflaster Out: Donald

Das war unser (la Paloma und ich) 2.Cache! Und wir brennen für weitere...

Found 31 October 2007 vampirhummel found the geocache

At first we thought that Captain Cook exaggerate a bit with "one of the most beautiful". However, once we actually were there, we were stunned by the beauty of the river and the valley. I guess that we ended up with making a picture of every since waterfall there and even after we found the Cache, we decided to continue walking uphill to get to the other Cache at the top of the gorge.

In: a small bear
Out: nothing

Thats for bringing up here!

The Vampirhummels

Postscriptum: both logbooks seemed to be full...