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We Will Rock You!

 Hike along a small alpine belgium river with an impressing rock. 2km

door Captain Cook     België > Prov. Liège > Arr. Verviers

N 50° 31.189' E 005° 59.067' (WGS84)

 andere coördinaatstelsel
 Grootte: micro
Status: Beschikbaar
 Lengte: 2.0 km
 Verborgen op: 11. april 2004
 Listed since: 05. oktober 2005
 Laatste verandering: 18. december 2014
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC0204
Ook gepubliceerd op: geocaching.com 

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Beschrijving    English (Engels)

This cache is hidden in the area of the Rock of Bilisse (Le Rocher de Bilisse).
Admire the rock formations, then go and search for the cache!

You can park your car at N 50° 31.435 E 5° 58.524 and take your way through the Statte Valley.
The cache - a small PETling - is hidden upstream at N 50° 31.189 E 5° 59.067 in a remarkable tree.

Gecodeerde hint  

Between the branches of an old big triple tree, covered with a small stone



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Logs van We Will Rock You!    Gevonden 23x Niet gevonden 0x Opmerking 1x

Gevonden 21. juli 2020, 20:18 Team-MTB-OC heeft de cache gevonden

We had a wonderful walk along the Statte and the Hoegne today. We enjoyed every moment of the extraordinary hike. Unfortunately it turned very full when starting the walk down the Hoegne.

Though the round is beautiful and we loved it, we cannot recommend it in Corona times because in the narrow parts of the valleys it is impossible to keep distance to other people when meeting or overtaking. [:(]


Gevonden 08. juni 2019, 12:38 koki-so heeft de cache gevonden

Bei einem ausgiebigen Spaziergang konnte diese Dose schnell gefunden werden!

# 225

Gevonden 02. oktober 2018 weltengreif heeft de cache gevonden

This was a quick take during a lovely, wee trip to Belgium together with Fl0ydt.

TFTC & greets from Erkrath!

Cache #8000 (approx.)

Gevonden 18. december 2014 Lineflyer heeft de cache gevonden

Thanks for showing this nice valley with impressive views.


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Note to the owner:
The cache is also listed on oc.de but the coords there seem to be wrong or outdated.

  New coordinates:  N 50° 31.189' E 005° 59.067', moved by 100 meters

Gevonden 18. mei 2014 DoppelPoeppel heeft de cache gevonden

Auf einer schönen Wanderung kamen wir heute hier vorbei. Dieser Platz ist wirklich schön. Vielen Dank für das Zeigen! Ohne den Hint hätten wir den Petling nicht gefunden, denn wir hatten 25 m off. Das Logbuch ist voll. - 13:00 -