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Lion's Birthday Cache 2003

 A short walk into the past

por Captain Cook     Bélgica > Prov. Liège > Arr. Verviers

N 50° 36.735' E 005° 56.413' (WGS84)

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 Tamaño: pequeño
Estado: disponible
 Ocultos en: 18. agosto 2003
 Publicado desde: 06. octubre 2005
 Última actualización: 29. abril 2007
 Listado: https://opencaching.de/OC0213
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Descripción    English (Inglés)

Limbourg (Lion’s Castle), now an ancient and picturesque town, once was the capital of the duchy Limburg. It is the cradle of the ancient family of that name from which sprang the Luxemburg family and several emperors of Germany.

The core of the town is on top of a small mountain ridge, 75 m above the Vesdre-Valley, looking down upon Dolhain. The ramparts are still protecting the gothic church of St. George and the houses built with stones from the local quarry around a rectangular marketplace paved with stones polished by the near Vesdre.

To find the best access you should follow the signs “Limbourg ville historique”.

Park your car at N 50° 36,735’ E 005° 56,413’.

Waypoint 1
Do you see the name plate of the local pub Au Cheval Gourmand?
How many legs does this cheval (horse) have? The number of legs = a

Waypoint 2:
Go to N 50° 36,669’ E 005° 56,431’.
When did Poswick receive the Chateau de la porte?
At bc. AOUT defg

Waypoint 3:
Stand still at N 50° 36.(b+c)(g-d)(b)’ E 005° 56.(f)(c)(a)’.
How many wooden window-shutters - to protect the bells – do you see?
Number of shutters (at ONE side of the building!) = hj

Waypoint 4:
Sit down at N 50° 36.(e+d)(a)(d)’ E 005° 56.(b+h)(h)(e-b)’ and calculate the final cache. You will find it at the Cache point

N 50° 36.(e-b)(h+c)(g+h)’ E 005° 56.(b+h)(f-a)(d+a)’.

The cache is a small Tupperware box (12 x 12 x 4) – please don’t bring big trade items.
After having found the cache please rehide it carefully – you are on a marked trail with many pedestrians.

Ayuda adicional   Descripción

va gur urqtr, haqre fbzr fgbarf



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encuentran 24. mayo 2020, 14:23 Stbelgien ha encontrado el geocache

encuentran Recomendación 26. febrero 2015, 16:00 longW ha encontrado el geocache

Nice city.

encuentran 14. noviembre 2008 ds453 ha encontrado el geocache

schönes ruhiges mittelalterliches Ambiente.

encuentran 06. enero 2008 vampirhummel ha encontrado el geocache

Eine atemberaubend schöne Kleinstadt - wir haben uns sofort in das schicke größere Haus am Ende des Platzes verliebt

Super Cache! TFTC!

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encuentran 03. junio 2007 ufabra ha encontrado el geocache

After a pleasant walk through the nice old village Limbourg we've found the cache without problems. Thanks to Captain Cook for another fine cache in Belgium.

Liebe Grüße,