Industrial 1

 In Rostock-Marienehe

von jennergruhle     Deutschland > Mecklenburg-Vorpommern > Rostock, Kreisfreie Stadt

N 54° 06.596' E 012° 05.074' (WGS84)

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Status: kann gesucht werden
 Zeitaufwand: 0:45 h   Strecke: 3.0 km
 Versteckt am: 14. Oktober 2005
 Gelistet seit: 14. Oktober 2005
 Letzte Änderung: 01. Januar 2017
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Industrial 1 is the first of a series of three caches with increasing difficulty and of course also increasing fun factor (a "normal" multi, a mystery multi, a night multi), which will develop in the next weeks in Rostock. As conclusion there will be bonus cache which can be found only with the references from Industrial 1-3.

This cache is a multi Cache that can be completed (depending on transport means) in 20 min (bicycle, car) to 60 min (to foot). It can be found at each time and season. However, on icy days you should be careful in some places, otherwise you could find yourself bathing in the river Warnow very fast.

The following devices and abilities are needed:

  • a GPS device that shows heading angle and distance
  • pen and paper, sometimes a digital camera may be useful if you're too lazy for writing
  • some digits are to be noted, no calculator needed.
  • maybe a compass, but the GPSr should be enough

Entering private property or areas that are surrounded by fences completely is neither allowed nor necessary. The tour is approx. 3-4 km long. You could come here by car, bicycle or by public transport. In the latter case, yould should leave the train, tram or bus at the station "Marienehe".

The start coordinates lead yo to a parking area near a Lidl supermarket. Lunch is also available at N54° 6,547 E012° 5,263.

Now, in some hundred meters around look for a building of which there is only one in this area, and place yourself in the middle on top of this. This is possible even without climbing or elevators. You should be surrounded by fences and lamps now.

Now move 228 meters in the direction of 61.4 °, and you will come to a road that is limited by a gate. Nearby stands a colorful transformer. In the vicinity is the hall 215. p> Go now to the water, turn to the right and walk further 160m. There you will find a building where an organization resides whose name contains a town name. At the wall you will find a telephone number 0381/ABBCCDE and the building number FCF. Note these numbers A-F.

Go now straight along the long right side of this building (approx. 200m). At the end of the building turn to the left and go along the next building that carries a three-letter Logo. It lies between a long parking lot and the water. At the end of the building continue to go straight on until you reach a corner that is surrounded by water at north and east. Here are again two pollards, less than two meters far away from the corner. They carry the numbers GI and GD (the smaller one first). Now you can do a larger move to get to the following coordinates gone (direct line less than 700m, but direct way not possible): N54° 0I.GBB E012° 0G.GEA

You will get to a fenced estate near the water. Look for a big dark blue container attached to a building. It tells you its empty weight: K1F0 kilogramms or E6J5 pound. Now also we need the numbers L=J-I and H=J-K-D.

Attention: At the moment the container is not reachable. The information there is:
TARE 2,130 KGS
          4,695 LBS

The final coordinate (which is some hundred meters away) results to N54° 0I.EHL E012° 0G.GLI

The Cache is hidden between some smaller stones. In the log book of the cache box there is a reference to the bonus cache that should be noted for later.

Good luck!

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gefunden 21. April 2017, 11:40 sierrakilo hat den Geocache gefunden

Eine schöne Tour durch den alten Fischereihafen, der heute eher ein Hafen für Holz ist. Und  dann ein Plätzchen zum Loggen, 100% muggelfrei. Hündchen entnommen und Luxuskarosse hinzugefügt.
Hinweis: Die Laschen an den schmalen Seiten des Kästchens waren abgebrochen und lagen in der Umgebung verstreut. Inhalt aber o.k. Habe die Steinpackung etwas verstärkt.

gefunden Der Cache ist in gutem oder akzeptablem Zustand. 18. September 2016 hroj2305 hat den Geocache gefunden

Trotz wechselhaftem Wetter gut im Auto zu schaffen. DFDC

gefunden Der Cache ist in gutem oder akzeptablem Zustand. 18. September 2016 ad1411 hat den Geocache gefunden

Sunday Funday!! Da es heute schon sehr herbstlich war, lieber mal cbc (cachen by car ;) ). War auch ne kleine Strecke, aber ne tolle runde Sache. Freue mich immer,wenn man ein Souvenir ertauschen kann. :)

gefunden 21. Oktober 2015, 15:19 Neodymion hat den Geocache gefunden

Schöne Runde bis auf die Poller und den Container Gewicht alles in online Recherche raus bekommen.

gefunden 16. Juni 2015, 14:18 2013helgoland hat den Geocache gefunden

Geduld zahlt sich aus!!! Heute hatte ich mehr Glück. Vielen Dank für die Reise in das Gebiet des ehemaligen FIKO.