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Eastside Gallery PB v2

par morinox     Allemagne > Nordrhein-Westfalen > Paderborn

N 51° 43.211' E 008° 45.921' (WGS84)

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How to get there:

By foot: The starting point is within 10 minutes by foot from the Paderborn Rathausplatz.

By public transportation: Bus stop ‚Gierstor’ is recommended if you plan to arrive by bus. Lines 6, 7, 8 of the local bus company “Padersprinter” ( stop here.

By car: If you want to come by car, then a suitable parking lot is located at 51°43.189' North, 8°45.895' East.

Important Note concerning calculations: When calculating the decimal places of coordinates, you will get a number in the range 0 to 999. Please pad the number with zeroes to get a three-digit number, as seen in the example below.
Example: With a given formula 51° 40.(a+b)' using a=2 and b=14, by calculating a+b = 2+14 = 16 the resulting coordinate is 51° 40.016' and not 40.16'.

The starting location is

WAYPOINT 1: North 51°43.211', East 8°45.921'.

There you’ll find a hint to a trail starting at this place. This trail is dedicated to a Mr. Schmitz. The aforementioned hint contains two numbers, the first to be named
a ( = _______ ) and the second to be named
b ( = _______ ). The length of the trail is b kilometers. Now you can calculate the next waypoint as

WAYPOINT 2: North 51°43.(106+a+b)', East 8°46.(122+a+b)'.

You don't have to leave the path to get there.

Going to the next waypoint, you’ll pass by some kind of 'open gallery'. Feel free to post any new pictures. When you have reached the waypoint, a built structure could be seen overhead. The number of vertical (that's not diagonal) metal beams on the building’s east side minus 2
c ( = number of vertical beams - 2 = _______ ) is used for further calculations. Please don’t climb up there, as it might not be safe. With c obtained by observation from below, the next coordinates on your quest are

WAYPOINT 3: North 51°43.(88 + SQRT(a) + b + c )', East 8°46.(194+ SQRT(a) + b + c)'.

There is another small gallery on the way to that point. Now, if you arrived at the calculated coordinates, take a look around – you'll find the name of the path you just followed. It is named after ‘one of d
d (= _______ ) towers. (’one of d’ = ‚einer der d’ in german).

Once you have reached

WAYPOINT 4: North 51°43.( 161 – b – c * d)', East 8°46.( a + b + c + d -27)',

search for a building that is on the one hand dedicated to Josef and on the other hand to Heinrich and Theresia. The coordinates of the next waypoint are calculated using
e (= _______ ) = ‚Josef’s age’ and
f (= _______ ) = 'number of letters in Josef's surname' as follows:

WAYPOINT 5: North 51° 43.( e + 9)', East 8° 45.(10*a+35*f+d)'

To easily get there, use the exit of the facility in the direction you get when targetting a cross over the top of Josef's building. The cross that you target is on another building's roof, and is located just below the vertical fork of a big living organism. If you don't get that, never mind and just follow your GPS receiver ;-)

Finally standing still at waypoint 5, you can see a number of flags together which stand for countries. The number of these flags is
g ( = _______ ). Now follow the path and count the animals. Have a close look and include extinct and stylized ones, even comic characters. The number of animals is
h ( =_______ ). You verify the correctness by checking that the checksum of (g+h) gives 11. Now on to the

(LAST STAGE) North 51° 43.( 2*a + b + c + d + 4)', East 8° 45.(5*e + 17*f + 10*g + 5*h)'

Here you'll find directions that will lead you to the final.

Because the cache has already disappeared a few times:

Please refrain from putting travel bugs or coins into this container!

Happy Caching!


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Hier geht's immer noch weiter :)

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