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 If you ever wanted to know where the water of the Mur river comes from this is the right cache for you.

by Edorian     Austria > Salzburg > Lungau

N 47° 07.790' E 013° 20.800' (WGS84)

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Status: Available
 Hidden on: 25 May 2003
 Listed since: 25 October 2005
 Last update: 13 June 2011
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC0651
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This cache is placed close to the source of the river Mur.

To go to the cache by car you should take the road to Muhr from St.Michael im Lungau. If you are going there from the Graz area you might want to go via Bruck - Leoben - Judenburg - Murau - St. Michael im Lungau, because that way you will be following the Mur river to its source. If you go there on the highways you might be faster, but you will have to pay to use the Katschbergtunnel. (You can leave the highway before the Katschbergtunnel and go over the Katschberg on the ordinary road which I think is free.) Also take note that there are traffic jams on the Tauernhighway almost every weekend.

You can leave your car at the parking lot near the Arsenhütte. (N47°06.737' E013°25.648'). There is also a parking lot a little bit closer to the cache (47°08.009' E013°24.153') but when I hid the cache the road there was still closed for winter. (And there were a lot of trees lying on the road)

There is a bus stop next to the Arsenhütte (Rotgülden - Aufstieg Rotgüldensee - Arsenhaus) so you could also come by bus from Tamsweg. Look here for bus timetables. Enter 'Rotguelden' in the station-field. Also make sure you select all kinds of transportation instead of trains only. There is also a bus going to the Sticklerhütte from the middle of July to the middle of September. Look here for a timetable.

There are several signposts showing the way to the Murursprung, so getting there should not be hard. In the beginning the way leads along the road, but from the Sticklerhütte on it leads through a beautiful mountain pasture. The terrain is easier than the rated 3.5 most of the time, the only hard thing is getting to the cache because you have to go through the water and/or over the snow to get there. I'm sure it will get easier in the next weeks when the snow has melted and there will probably be less water in the river.

The cache is hidden in flat terrain above the rocks of the source.

From the Arsenhütte the walk is about 10km in one direction, from the second parking lot it should be about 7km.

There are also some other places that look like good starting points if you are coming from another direction. From the end of the Großarlbach valley, south from St, Johann im Pongau there is a path that leads to the source of the mur. (With much more elevation gain than from the Arsenhütte side) Or you could go there from the Kölnbreinspeicher at the end of the Maltavalley. But I have only tried and rated the way from the Arsenhütte.

Version OC2008.1en

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Orarngu n ebpx.



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Log entries for Murursprung    Found 3x Not found 1x Note 2x

Found 30 July 2019 Gavriel found the geocache

Fast begann es zu nieseln, als wir auf der Suche nach dem Doserl waren. Wir fanden auch noch eine andere Steinkombi, die dem Spoiler ähnelt. Erst nach nochmaligem Lesen der Beschreibung wechselten wir die Etage und wurden bei N 47° 07.790 und E 13° 20.816 fündig.
Auch jetzt gibt es noch Schneereste entlang des Bachbetts.

Auf dem Rückweg wurde noch eine gute Tat vollbracht und merkwürdige Gestalten vorm Verdursten gerettet.

thx, Gavriel & Mike

Found 29 August 2008 musikbauch found the geocache

Bei einer kurzen Wanderung von der Sticklerhütte zum Muruhrsprung am 29. August gefunden. Jetzt wissen auch wir wo die Mur herkommt. Bei uns zu Hause ist sie ja schon sehr breit und die Grenze nach Slowenien.

Sehr schöner Cache,



Note 25 January 2008 Edorian wrote a note

Bergkipferl hat schon im Sommer eine neue Dose versteckt. Danke schön!
Last summer Bergkipferl has hidden a new cachebox. Thank you!

  New coordinates:  N 47° 07.790' E 013° 20.800', moved by 78 meters

Note 06 August 2007 Edorian wrote a note

Ein DNF auf geocaching.com am 04. Juli und jetzt ein DNF hier, der Cache scheint echt weg zu sein. Ich hoffe ich schaffe es diesen Sommer den Cache zu warten, sonst wandert er ins Archiv.

Not found 21 July 2007 Schnucke did not find the geoacache

Nach einer wunderbaren Wanderrung in dieses schöne Tal und  intensiver Suche trotz vieler Muggels, ist es uns nicht gelungen den Cache zu finden.