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 Short walk around the object representing Bavarian self-conception.

by shwartle     Germany > Bayern > München, Kreisfreie Stadt

Attention! This Geocache is "Archived"! There is no physical container at the specified (or to be determined) coordinates. In the interest of the place it should not be necessarily to search!

N 48° 07.838' E 011° 32.761' (WGS84)

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Status: Archived
 Time required: 1:00 h   Route: 2.0 km
 Hidden on: 02 March 2004
 Listed since: 04 November 2005
 Last update: 11 February 2008
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The trail is 1 - 2 kilometers (depends on how you will do it ...) and is suitable for perambulators (except the last few meters).

  1. Bavaria
    Look out for two Roman numbers (denoting years) written on the base of the Bavaria at N48°07.838 / E011°32.761. Remember the number of "X"es in the years as A, the number of "L"s as B and the number of "C"s as C.
    Now head on in northern direction to N48°07.(A+B+C)08 / E011°32.(A+C)61. When passing by at an info board, take a look at the opening hours of the Bavaria. During the Oktoberfest, the Bavaria can be visited for D hours longer than on a regular day in the summer.

  2. Kgl. bayerische Kraftfahrtruppe (Royal Bavarian Motorist Team)
    How many soldiers of the team have been killed in World War I? Get the total of the digits of that number and remember as E.
    To get into the Messepark, you have to cross the street. If you feel uncomfortable crossing here, head on to a subway which is about 200 meters in the north.
    The center of the Messepark is around N48°07.869 / E011°32.567.

  3. Sculptures
    There are some sculptures in the Messepark: F stone sculptures, G wooden sculptures and H sculptures made out of brass. Here are some hints to avoid misunderstandings when counting the sculptures:
    • The fountain at N48°07.879 / E011°32.698 is no sculpture. Slides and other toys are no sculptures.
    • The brass sculptures have stone bases. Don't get confused.
    • There is more than one wooden sculpture.
    • Some time ago, the public part of the park was separated by a fence from the private part. On both sides of the fence you will find sculptures.

  4. Done!
    The GC is at N48°0(A+C).(E)(A+B+D)9 / E011°3(H).(F+G-2*A)(G)9. Due to the circumstances, the "box" is long and slim ... Please be careful when retrieving and opening the box.

Additional hint   Decrypt

orlbaq veba onef



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Not found 27 January 2008 rkschlotte did not find the geoacache

Fahrradtour bei warmem, trüben, aber trockenen Wetter.

1. Fly: Tragödie

2. Bavaria

Ich habe anscheinend nicht mal die richtigen Final-Koordinaten ermittelt. Wahrscheinlich habe ich in der Dämmerung das eine oder andere Kunstwerk übersehen.

3. St. Margaret

4. MSC 1 - Münchner Stammtisch Cache 07/2007

5. ByTheWaySide

6. Primitivnachtcache


Found 09 December 2007 anpero found the geocache

Kurz vor dem Besuch des Tollwoods noch gesucht, gefunden, geloggt.

Siehe Log in GC

LG Anpero Team 





Found 16 November 2007 lysistrata found the geocache

Eine schön Runde mit beeindruckendem Auftakt ! Bei einbrechender Dunkelheit gestaltete sich die Skulpturensuche schwieriger als erwartet. Das Final war dannn schnell gefunden. Vielen Dank für den Cache !
lieben Gruß Lysistrata

Found 16 November 2007 -gelöscht- found the geocache

Found 26 October 2007 martl found the geocache

FTF  ;) naja fast! schöner cache, bin erstmal voll an station 2 vorbeigefahren, war wohl ein bissl zu schnell unterwegs. bei den statuen auch verzählt, war aber nich so tragisch  ;-)

lg an shwartle!

ps: irgendwer hat gestern da auch noch per pedes gecacht, bin ich mir ziemlich sicher ;)

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Eine Schnecke???Eine Schnecke???