ND 632553 SE

 A simple multicache, the given coordinate is not the final cache - coordinate.

door tigers_team_de     Duitsland > Hessen > Hersfeld-Rotenburg

N 50° 56.199' E 009° 36.603' (WGS84)

 andere coördinaatstelsel
 Grootte: normaal
Status: Beschikbaar
 Benodigde tijd: 1:00 h   Lengte: 1.0 km
 Verborgen op: 01. september 2005
 Listed since: 12. november 2005
 Laatste verandering: 12. november 2005
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC0AAA
Ook gepubliceerd op: geocaching.com 

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ND 632553

What is that?

Even we don’t know it, and that’s the reason, why we placed a cache right there.
Perhaps one of the hopefully numerous visitors of this site will know what it is and how it was originated.

ND is the short cut for the German word “Naturdenkmal”, natural monument in English, and the number 632553 is the record number of this location at the “Hession catalog of natural monuments”. More we could not find out by our investigations via internet. Sorry, one more detail we know, there was a hint, that it is a quarry, so we had been regarding a natural quarry, or what ?

By any chance, there will be a cacher, who will give us, together with his log, also some background – details about this place. Alternatively this natural monument will keep on being the unknown and anyway the only “ND” of the township Ludwigsau.

From our point of view, this location is well worth for a visit, but how will someone find it, if it is nowhere listed or described. (At older 1:25000 maps there was the “ND” shown)

Also the local population is very suspiciously to strangers, so make up your mind during traveling, to have a good answer, if you are asked for the reason of your appearance.

The given Coordinates are not the final cache – coordinates, these coordinates will guide you to the place, from where you will reach the rim of the “ND” in a distance of 30 meters directly in true north direction (0°).

Now two questions, which will show you, by correct answering, the final cache coordinates:

1. In which geographical main direction is the course of the “ND”, seen form your position?

- from southwest to northeast, then results A = 002
- from southeast to northwest, then results A = 036
2. What is the color of the rock - faces of the “ND” ?

- red – yellow, then B = 297
- grey – green, then B = 359
- red – brown, then B = 192

If the answers for A and B are set for the decimals of the coordinate minutes as follows, you will have the final cache coordinates:
N 50° 56. A’ E009° 36. B’

Die Cache – Box is a plastics container with the dimensions of 300 x 200 x 60mm.
The Box contains:
- the Cache – Log, a pencil, a sharpener and descriptions about geocaching, all this should stay in the box
- various stuff
- a certificate for the new “first – finder”

Please hide carefully again, dont leave any tracks.

Happy hunting

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snyyra gerr



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Gevonden 04. november 2007 Stonecache heeft de cache gevonden

Heute gegen 16 Uhr nach langem Marsch durch Wald und Flur und Dornenhecken endlich nach Koordinatendreher gefunden !


Super Cache Danke sagt :



Gevonden 19. september 2007 Aldokyl heeft de cache gevonden

Was für ein beeindruckendes Naturdenkmal. Schönster Cache des Tages nur das Final ist vielleicht ein bisschen zu weit abseits.

Trotzdem danke für diesen Cache.

Gevonden 19. september 2007 gartentaucher heeft de cache gevonden

Wow, was für ein beeindruckendes Loch. Darüber wüsste ich auch gern mehr.
Zum Finale haben wir tiefe Schlammpfützen überwunden, was für ein Abenteuer, das arme Auto.

rein: Lineal

Gevonden 16. juli 2005 der Nachtfalke heeft de cache gevonden

Samstag, 16.07.2005             16:00 Uhr


unser 1. Cache für diesen Urlaub. Bei schönem Sonnenschein ohne unsere beiden Kinder schnell gefunden. Doch geärgert haben uns an ihrer Stelle die Bremsen und Mücken. Super Cache-Versteck
Vielen Dank

Out: Elta-Funke
In: Taschenradio mit licht und Lichtponter von hama

Viele Grüße und Happy Hunting

Mira & Armin