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Au clair de la lune

Austria's first night cache is an easy one (no technology involved) and is located in a forest area in Graz.

by alice     Austria > Steiermark > Graz

Attention! This Geocache is "Archived"! There is no physical container at the specified (or to be determined) coordinates. In the interest of the place it should not be necessarily to search!

N 47° 05.170' E 015° 27.860' (WGS84)

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 Size: normal
Status: Archived
 Time required: 2:00 h 
 Hidden on: 19 April 2003
 Listed since: 17 November 2005
 Last update: 28 September 2006
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC0CF8
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Description    Deutsch  ·  English

This cache is Austria's first night cache. The cache has been hidden jointly with Cezanne. It should be searched when it is dark. (During the day, the area can be rather crowded). The cache is divided into four stages.

At the last three stages cache containers are hidden. To make your task easier, the hiding places are indicated by reflectors (not necessarily directed towards the path). Bring along a reasonable torch!
All hiding places can be approached on paths. You need to leave them only in the immediate vicinity.

Stage 1: N 47° 05.170', E 015° 27.860'.

Close to these coordinates you will find a blue rectangular sign:
  • First number on the sign: abc
  • Second number on the sign:2d0
  • Third number on the sign: 0e

Workaround if sign is missing: Watch out for another sign of the same type.
  • d can be obtained in the same way as from the correct sign.
  • Write down the telephone number that can be found on the sign. Let ti be the i-th digit of this number.
  • a=t1-t4.
  • b=t2+1.
  • c=t1+t3.
  • e: Number of digits of the telephone number.

Stage 2: N 47° 0d.acc', E 015° 2e.cba'.

Search for a 35mm film cannister. It contains the coordinates of Stage 3. Since the container has disappeared once, it has been moved a little bit. Now it is not any longer located at the tree marked with the reflector, but at a large tree which is the second closest large tree to the marked tree in direction south-east.

Stage 3

Search for a 35mm film cannister. It contains the coordinates of the final stage and is hidden at the foot of a thin tree which is marked by a reflector. (In Summer time the reception might be quite jumpy, so you might want to bring the two spoiler photographs with you.) Please take care to rehide the micro very well again.

Stage 4: .

The cache container (a small plastic bucket wrapped in a plastic bag) is located in a hole in the ground which is covered with foliage and some pieces of wood.

      Additional hint   Decrypt

      [Stage 2:] Frnepu gur ersyrpgbe ng n lbhat sve.
      [Stage 3:] Frnepu ng n lbhat orrpu jvgu n pheirq gehax.
      [Stage 4:] Pybfr gb n irel ynetr ebbg ba gur cngu.



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      Log entries for Au clair de la lune    Found 10x Not found 0x Note 7x

      Note 28 September 2006 cezanne wrote a note

      Today I combined an evening jog (I desperately needed a short working break anyway) with a visit to this cache. As I already suspected from the report of Da.Verna and Di.Andre the micro at Stage 1 is indeed gone. I searched for it also in the vicinity of the tree, but failed to find it. It appears very strange to me that the plastic bag was still there two days ago, but the film canister was missing. The area around Stage 2 shows clear signs of the unsuccessful hunt for the micro .... This provided another reason apart from the decreasing motivation to maintain this cache for archiving this cache and removing all stages.

      At Stage 3 another surprise waited for me. At the place where I had placed the replacement micro some months ago, I found today two film canisters: the replacement and the old one which had gone missing at a nearby location. It is clear that a human being must have placed the missing micro at the location where I had put the replacement. It is impossible that an animal or some weather effect could have moved the micro from one tree to the next one and hide it in exactly the same way as the other micro. I removed the reflector and the two micros and continued to the final stage.

      The cache box was covered quite reasonably today in contrast to the situation I experienced at most of my other maintenance visits. I am convinced that the special brown plastic bag Alice had provided for the cache is responsible for the long life of this cache. The bucket without bag would quite likely have been removed by playing children or some people who remove trash from the forest.

      Now as the life cycle of this cache comes to an end, it only remains to me to thank all visitors of this cache. I hope you had at least as much fun as Alice and I had when we had hidden this cache.

      On the one hand I feel some sort of sadness in my heart as I still feel quite attached to this cache and as it dates back to the pioneering era of geocaching in Styria. On the other hand I feel that that geocaching has changed a lot since the time when the cache had been created and the cache does not any longer fit that well into today's geocaching scene. Three and a half years ago no one was dissapointed about caches with simple containers like the bucket we used, log books which consisted of a just a few sheets of paper and a few more or less worthless trading items. The enthusiasm for caching and the adventure on the way were what played the main role ......... (sorry, I am getting sentimental today).


      [DE:] Der Micro an Station 2 ist in der Tat verschwunden. Die Gegend zeigte auch deutliche Suchspuren - ein weiterer Grund den Cache zu archivieren und der Gegend eine Pause zu goennen.

      An Station 3 warteten im Ausgleich 2 Micros auf mich, der Ersatz-Micro und der alte, der aus dem alten Versteck verschwunden war. Ich kann mir keinen Reim auf diese Aktion machen, hinter der ein menschliches Wesen stecken muss.
      Ich habe den Cache und alle Micros und Reflektoren entfernt.
      Danke an alle Besucher des Caches.

      Note 27 September 2006 cezanne wrote a note

      [EN:] I will have a look at Stage 2 as soon as possible. If it is indeed missing, the cache will be archived (of course after having removed all existing stages).

      As Stage 1 is regarded, the cache description contains a work around for the case the originally used sign is used. So there was no need to guess the value of e or any other needed value.

      [DE:] Ich werde mir die Lage bei Station 2 ansehen sobald ich es schaffe. Falls der Micro verschwunden sein sollte, wird der Cache archiviert werden (natuerlich nach Entfernung der Reste).

      Was Station 1 betrifft, enthaelt die Beschreibung ja eine zweite Variante die benoetigten Variablen zu bestimmen - e brauchte also nicht geraten zu werden.

      Found 04 June 2006 styrian bastards found the geocache

      Da gibt es den Waldschrats nicht viel hinzuzufügen.
      Gemeinsam gesucht, getrennt gefunden [:P]

      Hefi & Dan

      Found 03 June 2006 Waldschratbrigade TLU found the geocache

      Nachdem wir beim 1. Anlauf leider nicht fündig geworden sind(kein gedrucktes Listing, keine Reservebatterien fürs GPSt, erst zuwenig, dann genug und dann doch wieder zuwenig Taschenlampen, zuviele Schauergeschichten die uns das Fürchten lehrten, Reflektorenblindheit und schließlich ein verschwundener Micro) konnten wir heute das äußerst lustige Nachtabenteuer abschließen.


      Note 02 June 2006 alice wrote a note

      Cache can be visited again. See log of Cezanne for changes.

      Cache kann wieder besucht werden. Siehe Log von Cezanne fuer eine Beschreibung der durchgeführten Änderungen.