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 The tour goes from the railway station through the wine-city of Retz.

di bagsj     Austria > Niederösterreich > Weinviertel

Attenzione! Questa geocache è "archiviata"! Non c'è un contenitore fisico alle coordinate specificate (o a quelle che devono essere determinate). L'interesse del luogo non è necessariamente la ricercare!

N 48° 45.225' E 015° 57.438' (WGS84)

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 Pubblicata dal: 21. novembre 2005
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Descrizione    Deutsch  ·  English (Inglese)

More informations are available at http:/www.retz.at (only in german).
Until the very last metres to the cache-hideout you can take a stroller with you.

A remark to the use of the coordinates. The helping variables n1 to n7 and e1 to e7 must be read always as 3-digit numbers (e.g. if the calculation result is 67, use n in the form of 067).

Stage 1:

N1= 48° 45.225 (n1=225)
E1= 15° 57.438 (e1=438)

Let's have a look. From which track do you expect only departures of trains to "Znojmo"? The number of the track is A. As long as the sign is missing and you're not able to find the platform, calculate A as follows: x is the sum of the digits of B, A = x + 6.
The railway station is at a sea-level of about 245m. I'm sure you will find the exact height soon. The digits after the comma can be read as a stand alone number. This is B.

Stage 2:

N2 = 48° 45.[n2 = n1 + 6*A - B/59 + 5]
E2 = 15° 57.[e2 = e1 - 2*A - B/3]

Above the entrance you will find a rusty sign with a two-digit number. Call it C.

Stage 3:

N3 = 48° 45.[n3 = n2 + 2*(A + C) + 4]
E3= 15° 57.[e3 = e2 - C/10 + 1]

On the memorial plate you can read two dates. The sum of the digits of the first one is D. The sum of the digits of the second number is E.

Stage 4:

N4 = 48° 45.[n4 = n3 + A - C - D - E - 9]
E4 = 15° 57.[e4 = e3 - B/6 - E + 5]

Translate the roman inscription under the roof into arabian. The first two digits of the number you've found by this way is F, call the other two digits G.

Stage 5:

N5= 48° 45.[n5 = n4 - E + F + 3]
E5 = 15° 56.[e5 = A + B + 2*(C + D) + E + F]

Which month is mentioned at the backside of the statue (January = 1, February = 2, ..., December = 12)? This is H.

Stage 6:

N6 = 48° 45.[n6 = n5 + C + F + G + H -7]
E7 = 15° 56.[e6 = e5 + F/2 - H]

Here are two hiking trails. Subtract the "smaller" one from the "larger". The result is J.

Stage 7:

N7= 48° 45.[n7 = n6 + E + H + H*(J + 3)/2]
E7 = 15° 56.[e7 = e6 - B - D + H*(J + 3) - 2]

On the plate you're looking for, you get some information about a nearby, highly visible and for this region quite unusual building. In addition you can read about an according house and a restaurant, which sells a locally produced alcoholic drink.
Add up all digits on this plate. After adding 19 to this sum, you know K.
If you're unsure about the result, K can also be be calculated in the following way: At the left lower corner of the sign is a blue field. Take the phone number written there without the area code as x and the house number as y. Now K can be calculated as K = x/y + y + 9.

Stage 8 - The Cache:

The cache is hidden under a stone beside a tree. Please be careful. If you approach from the wrong direction you might have to conquer a small rocky acclivity (1.5m to 2m high). The cache consists of a 0.75l metalbox and is hidden at the following coordinates:

N8 = 48° 45.[n7 + 2*G + K - 2]
E8 = 15° 56.[e7 - E + F + G + J - K + 5]

Use [B - A - C + D - E + F - G + (J - 1)/H - H/4 - K] to open the box.

The Cache consists initially of:
  • Logbook, Cache-Note, pencil and sharpener - Please don't remove!

  • Blinking Handy-Tagger
  • Monster
  • Ü-Ei (without chocolate)
  • Car
  • Motocoyote

V 2.0a, 2009-10-26

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[Stage 3:] Gur cngeba bs Ivraan



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trovata 13. giugno 2020 wtap ha trovato la geocache

Für den Besuch in Retz stand dieser schöne, alte Multi auf der Agenda.
So richtig Old School wird man hier zu bzw. vorbei an den Highlights der Retzer Altstadt geführt.
Bis Stage 6 ist hier alles klar, auch wenn es bei Stage 6 inzwischen ein dritte Wegnummer auf einem neuen Mast mit auch zwei Wegnummern gibt - nach dem das aber eindeutig keine 10 Jahre alt ist, sind hier die Antworten klar.
Stage 7 habe ich auch nicht gefunden, da habe ich aber bereits vorab mit der letzten Finderin Kontakt aufgenommen.
K ist wohl definitiv nicht zu erraten, entsprechend wird das Final bis auf weiteres sehr einsam bleiben.
Das ist bei der schönen Runde und auch der tollen alten Box wirklich schade.

Vielen Dank für den Cache!

Nota 26. ottobre 2009 bagsj ha scritto una nota

Bei der ersten Stage ist das gesuchte Gleis nicht mehr angeschrieben. Ich habe daher eine alternative Berechnung für A hinzugefügt.

At the first stage the searched Platform isn't any longer marked with a sign. Therefore I've added an alternative way to the description to get A.

Nota 17. luglio 2008 bagsj ha scritto una nota

Die Tafel bei Stage 7 wurde erneuert. Ich habe deshalb auch die Beschreibung für die Variable K anpassen müssen. Vielen Dank an die Mausbiber's für ihre Unterstützung!

The plate at stage 7 was renewed. Therefore I had to adapt the description for getting the variable K. Many thanks to the Mausbiber's for their support!

trovata 13. luglio 2008 Mausbiber ha trovato la geocache

tja wenn sich mal ein fehler eingeschlichen hat.....
dann war daa noch eine andere tafel die wir verbuchselt hatten.... irgendwie hatten wir dann doch die anderen stages gefunden. mit allen tricks die man so im laufe des cacherlebens mitbekommt. aber am ende half alles nix und wir mussten einen tel. joker ziehen. danke an dieser stelle nochmals!

TFTC  lg die mausbiber  susanna & heinz

P.S: 24.11.08 nachgeloggt

Nota 01. settembre 2007 bagsj ha scritto una nota

Changed in the english description the term "crossfoot" to "sum of the digits" to avoid misunderstandings.