Along the Inkpot

Hike along the lake, no difference in altitude, walking distance among 4 km, strollers possible

von M.W.     Österreich > Steiermark > Liezen

N 47° 38.532' E 013° 46.356' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 19. August 2004
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ENGLISH: Many authors penned their acts around this wonderful area. For this reason and due to the fact of its dark colour, the lake of Altaussee was named an inkpot.

N1 = 47°38.532
E1 = 013°46.356
Ferdinand was one of the eponyms. Take the crossfoot of his year of birth for A.

Stage 2: THE LAKE
N2 = 47° 38. (30*A + 141)
E2 = 013° 46. (50*A + 80)
Here you can look up when the water level reached its maximum. Take the third digit of the year for B.

N3 = 47° 38. (30*A + 30*B - 11)
E3 = 013° 47. (10*A + 10*B + 47)
How many letters has the second word of the plate? Take the number of letters minus 1 for C

N4 = 47° 38. (30*A + 30*B + 20*C - 77)
E4 = 013° 47. (10*A + 10*B + 20*C + 77)
He liked to pause at this place. Take the number of his full names letters (without the title of nobility) for D.
Hint: D=30

N5 = 47° 39. (10*B + 3*D -32)
E5 = 013° 47. (10*B + 20*D + 19)
When the caves in the nearby wall of the Loser flow over after longer rainfalls, you have to cross a roaring river at this place. How many vertical sustainer can you find at the parapet? Take its number for E.

Stage 6: THE CACHE
N6 = 47° 39. 0(A + 2*E)
E6 = 013° 47. (10*A + 10*C + 70*E +54)

Good luck!

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Hinweis 14. Juni 2018 M.W. hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Hint für "D" ingefügt - Added a Hint for "D"

nicht gefunden 11. März 2017 Vollmond5 hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

Wunderschöner Weg, eindeutig zu beantwortende Fragen, ein logischer Ort für's Finale und dann: Muggels! Hatten die Schuhe beiseite gelegt, Jause ausgepackt und liessen sich die Sonne auf den Bauch scheinen. Warum gerade hiiieeer? 

gefunden 24. August 2016, 16:32 sindalf hat den Geocache gefunden

Nach 3 Jahren (wegen Dummheit) konnte ich hier endlich das final berechnen und finden, TFTC!

gefunden 04. August 2015, 17:36 Wolfman7000 hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute von den Kindern gefunden.

gefunden 16. Juli 2015 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

After yesterday's very exhausting hike from Hallstatt up to the Plassen to find the legendary Salzig Hund cache a relaxing cache with no height meters was fitting very well to our expectations. Even though I'm Styrian, I neither have been in the region around Bad Aussee and Altausee before nor have a found a Styrian M.W. cache. We parked close to the church and then went to Stage 1 where we could answer the question easily. I had a good laugh at the name version which was originally inscribed before it got corrected.

On our way to Stage 2 we made the mistake to decide to go back to visit the first three stages of the Via artis multi cache http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC45VJ6_via-artis-in-altaussee?guid=deb442c3-4a45-4bea-8499-d2b8f9285809 which ended with a DNF at Stage 2. After about an hour we were then back at Stage 1 of this cache and then decided to ignore the Via artis cache at all. From that point onwards everything went relatively smoothly.

At Stage 2 it took us a while to find the required information as we had expected something else. Stage 3 did not pose an issue. Our coordinates for Stage 4 were a bit off, but we found the required information nevertheless. It appears that a value for C one larger than what the cache description suggests leads correct coordinates for Stage 4. The last stage was no deal today as apparently there have been no heavy rains recently.

After having obtained the coordinates for the final, we went there. We first approached GC from the wrong side. The area looked promising, but the reception was jumpy and the area allows for many hideouts. After several minutes AnnaMoritz finally found the cache. The cache container and its contents are in proper condition.

All in all it was a nice and relaxing walk. Nice views are offered on the way. I also appreciated that the stages point to locations of interest. Summary: A typical old school multi cache of the type I enjoy the most. Today was a hot day and so the shady parts of the cache route were especially welcome. Lots of people today were spending some time at the shore of the lake.

Somewhere on our way we made a short stop at the inn Seewiese to refresh ourselves. SOme of the mountains around Altausee look terrifying and I was glad that today I did not have to hike up a moutian both due to the heat and my tired feet and legs caused by yesterday's hike.

Thank you for hiding this nice cache and for maintaining it over so many years. Another thanks is due for the information why the cache and the lake are called inkpot. AnnaMoritz wondered whether so many authors spend time in this region because the many days with rain left them with a lot of time for writing.

Out: Travel Frog