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A9 Wald

di ime     Austria > Steiermark > Östliche Obersteiermark

Attenzione! Questa geocache è "chiusa, visibile"! Non c'è un contenitore fisico alle coordinate specificate (o a quelle che devono essere determinate). L'interesse del luogo non è necessariamente la ricercare!

N 47° 27.131' E 014° 40.655' (WGS84)

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 Dimensioni: normale
Stato: chiusa, visibile
 Tempo necessario: 0:30 h 
 Nascosta il: 20. agosto 2004
 Pubblicata dal: 30. novembre 2005
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 16. marzo 2013
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC100C
Pubblicata anche su: geocaching.com 

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Storia Geoketry

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The cache description was removed, because the owner declined the Opencaching.de data license.


Cache container
Cache container
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Hiding place


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non trovata 05. settembre 2004 cezanne non ha trovato la geocache

Well, the hunt for this cache was definitely not the best start of my cache tour to the Enns valley. I had planned to put the TB Sigmund Freud into this cache hoping that someone would pick it up soon and bring it closer to Vienna, e.g. via Linz.

My problems already started with driving to the given coordinates. I had expected a larger road and first thought that I had missed the first possibility to turn right. After a u-turn and coming back again, I finally found the coordinates and realized that there is not that much place to park one's car as I had hoped. Anyway, since I was the only one there and there was no traffic at all at the road, it was easier to turn around as I had feared at the beginning.

At first I walked close to the cache coordinates with the shoes I wore in the car - as I saw the area I decided to go back to the car and put on my sports shoes. In my opinion, the terrain should be rated higher than 1.5*. 1.5* corresponds to the lowest non-weelchair accessible terrain.

I searched for about 20 minutes for the cache - came across several broken trees and a lot of garbage (old parts of cars, an empty bottle, a flower pot, the packaging of a sausage, a grey litter bag etc), but I did not find the cache. The ground was wet and slippery, there were many stinging nettles and branches and after some time I simply got tired of searching for the cache. So I gave up - first because I wanted to hunt for other caches and did not intend to lose more time and second, I decided that I would not like to place the Sigmund Freud TB into this cache. It is probably a bit too difficult to be found for people who just pass by and are in a hurry and do not wear the right clothes and shoes.

Unfortunately, I did not have the spoiler picture with me. I did not expect a 1.5* rated cache which is set up as a temporary deposit for TBs to be sufficiently difficult to require spoiler photographs. I believe that I searched at the tree which can be seen on the picture, but I am not sure whether I looked at all places. If the cache was wrapped into a grey litter bag, then the cache probably has been stolen.