Dragonsquest - Escape

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...we must leave!!!

The earth scrambles - we ascend to the left side of the wall ...some meters over us! a steelrope - our salvation?
But how to get there - some meters up to climb. My groupmembers decide to escape towards valley -but i will take the way up.
Arriving at the rope ...some balancing over the dangerous ground...
More secure ground here-but where to go ...Red dots...blood?
I used them for orientating and go up following some visible traces - always near the dry creek
?? Ahead -another rope seems to give me the ability to cross the stonebarrier.
On the left side in front of me i can see a cave - i fighting up and arrived at the height of the cave - turning right ...another symbol -a bloody arrow -I'm right!
Along this wall i ascend to another mixture of ropes ...some chains -are Dragons here captured long times ago??...

A metal box - with a picture of my further way.
50m ahead from this box I do not follow the clear trail uphill- I turned to the path  left of me - another 60 steps on this path and
above my position I find a good place to get my records securely stowed.
You don't have to move a ston e to get to the Box!


Let someone else play the Dragons Quest ...


Some meter further on this path i turned and moved up to pas the next barrier - a arrow shows me that i'm right...now it was easy to find my further way.



This led me to a hut (Riederhütte) and continue a long way back over Feuerkogel to my starting point after about 23km - where could get to safety luckily my companions.


Alternatively, however, it should also give a way over-Grünalmkogel-Brunnkogel-Schaflukensteig climbing back ....



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