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Source du Loing

 Very close to the source of the Loing river

door volker     Frankrijk > Bourgogne > Yonne

N 47° 33.199' E 003° 13.960' (WGS84)

 andere coördinaatstelsel
 Grootte: klein
Status: Beschikbaar
 Verborgen op: 19. maart 2005
 Listed since: 02. december 2005
 Laatste verandering: 30. juni 2011
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC1081
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The source of the Loing river is situated not far from the village Perreuse in Burgundy and in the departement Nièvre.
In it's vicinity you'll find an ancient farm.

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nobhg 5 z bss gur fbhepr haqre n fgbar va gur yrsg fvqr bs gur qnz



view onto the source
view onto the source


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Gevonden 28. augustus 2010 Nekromiko heeft de cache gevonden

Hi there,

after our visit in Guedélon, we went further on to the north-west and found this one on our way...
Of course not really on the straigth way

Thank you for showing us this nice and quiet spot. It was fine to have a stop here.

Nekromiko from Germany