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Sea Mine in Bergen

di meteor2017     Norvegia > Vestlandet > Hordaland

N 60° 23.766' E 005° 19.484' (WGS84)

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 Nascosta il: 19. febbraio 2014
 Pubblicata il: 19. febbraio 2014
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 30. luglio 2017
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC10843

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It is memorial mounted in 1921, to the  Norwegian sailors killed on the sea during First World War. It was originally also the money box for donations to support sailors' families. The mine is an authentic sea mine picked out by the Norwegian torpedo boat. Bronze reliefs are made by sculptor Sofus Madsen

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1. take a photo of you (or your GPS, or other equipment) with the monument, ad paste it into the log (logs without the photo will be deleted).
2. read the inscription on the mine, the 4th word is the password to log (write it with big letters).

this geocache is also registered at opencaching.no


Sea Mine monument
Sea Mine monument
Bronze relief
Bronze relief


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trovata 24. agosto 2021, 14:52 hegro ha trovato la geocache

Gut gefunden!

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trovata 22. luglio 2021, 14:10 mopped30 ha trovato la geocache

Interessanter Ort
Danke für den Cache.
Team mopped30

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trovata 06. agosto 2019, 20:59 strufe ha trovato la geocache

Remembering those who stupidly fell victim to the human idiocy war is...

trovata 22. luglio 2019, 09:41 Struppinetz34 ha trovato la geocache

Willkommen in Bergen.
Hier mit der mein Schiff 3.
Danke für den Cache.

trovata 14. maggio 2019 samsara7 ha trovato la geocache

Found during my stay in Bergen/Norway.