Brunnen und Brünnle #2

 This cache leads you to different fountains and little fountains of Augsburg.

von MoWoWing     Deutschland > Bayern > Augsburg, Kreisfreie Stadt

N 48° 22.450' E 010° 53.880' (WGS84)

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With the cache OC1085 "Brunnen und Brünnle 1" I have led you to some less notable fountains and insignificant little fountains in the southern part of the Augsburg city centre. This time I would like to show you some others in the northern part of the city centre. Both caches can be made absolutely independently of each other.

With this cache you are led on a walk of about 4-km length back in the nearness of the starting point. You can make it on foot, or by bike. However, on the way to some stages longer stairs are to be overcome. There you should put down your bike and walk to the nearby stage.

Some stages are not accessible any time.
The cache can be made only between Tuesday and Sunday (not on Monday) from 8:00 and 17:00 o'clock and only if there is snow or ice.

To be able to solve all duties and to pull through successfully, you absolutely need
> a measuring tape,
> a pocket mirror,
> one to two bars of chocolate (a total of at least 200g) which you may eat, however, only at the end,
> some tins prosecco for celebrating the successfully finished cache,
> and on Mondays, or if ice or snow should lie, an UV lamp.

At each stage of this multicache you must solve a job to find out a number, which you must assign to the respective letter of the stage (A. . . J). Then with the so found numerical values you can determine the co-ordinates of the subsequent stages and the final. However, at some stages you can also find a direct tip to the co-ordinates of the next stage.

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Page margins: top, left, right = 5 mm, bottom = 13 mm


Stage 01:    N48° 22.450'   E10° 53.880'                         A =
Job: Here you must solve the labyrinth riddle (there is an English as well as a German version). As solution you get a letter.
Take down A = place of the found letter in the alphabet.

Hint: This locality is only accessible from Tuesday till Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00 o'clock! Not on Monday or if there is ice or snow! In this case as substitute you can find the solution with ultraviolet light near the lock of the iron gate at the entrance.

You will find the postcomma places of the co-ordinates of stage 02 quite near the little fountain, also from outside of the wall.



Stage 02:    N48° 22.    '   E10° 53.    '                       B =
Job: B = length of the music instrument, rounded down to whole decimeters.
You will find the postcomma places of the co-ordinates of stage 03 a little bit below the botty of the boy (in German the botty of roe deers is called "Spiegel" = English "escutcheon").



Stage 03:    N48° 22.    '   E10° 53.    '                       C =
Job: Where does the travel group aim to? "Hoher Weg" house number = C.
Hint: Take the bearings through the legs of the horse.


Hint: Access to stage 04 only from southwest, house number 8!

Stage 04:    N48° 22.(A*16+C/2)'   E10° 53.(B*C*10)'             D =
Job: When was the big fountain donated (German "gestiftet")? D = cross sum of the annual number.


Stage 05:    N48° 22.(25*C)'   E10° 53.(82*D)'                   E =
Unfortunately, here you will find no fountain. Search, instead, for an information to the fountain which was located at this place once upon a time. (Hint: overhead line mast, at eye level)
Job: How many centuries (E) after discovery of the spring was this fountain filled up?
Hint: At the end of the listing you will find a rough translation of the text, that you will discover at this stage.



Stage 06:    N48° 22.(164*B)'   E10° 53.(80*B)'                  F =
Job: With this cache you have already got to know one of the drinking water fountains listed here. Take down its number (F) in this list.

Search the postcomma places of the co-ordinates from stage 07 behind "Stadtwerke".


Stage 07:    N48° 22.    '   E10° 53.    '                       G =
Job: Determine the circumference of one of the posts of this fountain (G) in decimeter, in whole numbers.


Stage 08:    N48° 22.(33*(F+D))'   E10° 53.(99*(B+D))'           H =
Job: Which weight in gramme is necessary at the extreme end of the tipping trough, to balance it. Divide the ascertained value by 50 and round down to the next integer (H).


Stage 09:    N48° 22.(183*H)'   E10° 53.(315*H)'                 I =
Job: How many years (I) did it take to reconstruct the church next door? ("NEUBAU" means "RECONSTRUCTION")





Stage 10:    N48° 22.(F*G*H)'   E10° 54.0(B*F+G)'                J =
Job: Count the conical tassels (also the damaged ones, but not totally missing ones) in the ledge of the fountain (J).
Hint: The cross sum of J is an even number and less then 12!

Final:         N48° (22066+10*J)/1000'   E10° (53727+30*G)/1000)'
! Please do not at all deposit TBs or other things here !
Otherwise the drawer might get damaged, what already has happened.

Pull out the drawer downward.
After logging, please carefully push the drawer upward, until it is completely in the push tray.

Now you can eat your chocolate and drink the prosecco!

By the way: A visit of the opposite house is very recommendable!





A rough translation of the text at Stage 05:

Gesundbrunnen (Healthy fountain)

Near this place, some meters deeper however, once a fountain was located, called "Gesundbrunnen". The spring of this fountain was discovered in ????. One says, in 1512 emperor Maximilian I was cured of a feverish illness by drinking the source water. This is where the name Gesundbrunnen comes from. This story is perpetuated on a commemorative table which is today in the Maximilianmuseum:

Gesundbrunnen I am called.
I was well-known to emperor Maximilian,
who gave me that name.
He often came personally to me.
Here he cooled his heart.
One desires me like cool wine.
Also the sick people come to me. 
I have taken the fever from many.
Thus God has created me,
my water be blessed.
15 Amen 47.

The fountain disappeared after the Second World War. The moat (defense ditch) in this area and with it also the fountain were filled up with the rubble of the destroyed town.


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gefunden Der Cache ist in gutem oder akzeptablem Zustand. Empfohlen 12. Mai 2017 woma hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute bin ich etwas in Augsburg spazieren gegangen ... was liegt da näher, wenn man einen Cache findet ... so ganz ausversehen  Lachend Lachend Lachend Vielen Dank für die Bespaßung und das wirklich tolle Final!!!

gefunden 20. April 2017 Team_Fischer hat den Geocache gefunden

Mit Team_Grün ein schneller Fund. Tolle Runde.
Cache 1086. Danke an MoWoWing fürs legen und pflegen. Gruß Team_Fischer

gefunden Der Cache ist in gutem oder akzeptablem Zustand. 18. Oktober 2016 fraggle_DE hat den Geocache gefunden

Nach dem ersten Teil sollte nun auch der zweite gemeistert werden. Vorerst erledigte ich nur einzelne Statione, wenn ich mal in der Nähe war, konnte so aber einen Großteil finden. Den Rest ging ich vor einigen Wochen an und errechnete fleißig die Finalkoordinaten. Nur musste ich feststellen, dass ich mich bei zwei Stationen vertan hatte und ganz und gar keine Dose fand. Ein Hilferuf beim Owner brachte kurz darauf bereits die Fehler zum Vorschein und die neuen Koordinaten waren ein Stück weit plausibler.

Heute war dann doch endlich der Finalteil dran und vor Ort war das Versteck fix ausgemacht. Ein schneller Zugriff und schon hatte ich die Dose in der Hand.

Vielen Dank für die zweite Brunnenrunde, die ebenfalls wieder zu mehr oder weniger bekannten und öffentlichen Brunnen führt!

gefunden 05. Juni 2016 Gross-mummrich hat den Geocache gefunden

Schon vor längerer Zeit haben wir uns die ersten Brunnen und Brünnle hier in Augsburg angeschaut und dabei festgestellt, dass es in Augsburg doch recht schöne und verborgene Ecklein gibt, die lohnenswert sind, dass man dort mal vorbei kommt.
Heute in einer Regenpause - oder so ähnlich machten wir uns mit unseren Freunden auf den Weg durch diesen Teil der Stadt. Wieder erwarteten uns schöne Orte, allerdings kannten wir hier schon etliche der Gässlein - nach 5 Jahren cachen auch kein Kunststück Doch auf unserem Weg entdeckten wir heute jede Menge hübsche und interessante Kirchen - in eine flüchteten sogar wir vor einem ungeplanten Regenguss
Die Fragen konnten wir gemeinsam alle gut lösen wobei ja die Schokoladen-Aufgabe richtig nett ist. Als nun alle Variablen feststanden konnten wir uns ein passendes Ziel berechnen und durften am Ende nicht nur ein Logbuch verzieren, sondern auch die Schokolade essen.

Danach ging es Richtung Heimat, wo wir gemeinsam noch ein leckeres Eis als Belohnung bekamen

Wir danken für die schöne Runde und das Auslegen des Doserls und sagen

kann gesucht werden 16. März 2016 MoWoWing hat den Geocache gewartet

Hinweis an Station 5 ist wieder da. Es kann weiter gehen.