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Time to Fly

 A calculated flight to some interesting sites on earth, which ends with a 3 km stroll (round trip) through the Voreifel.

by Stormy     Germany > Nordrhein-Westfalen > Aachen, Kreisfreie Stadt

Attention! This Geocache is "Archived"! There is no physical container at the specified (or to be determined) coordinates. In the interest of the place it should not be necessarily to search!

N 50° 46.060' E 006° 11.350' (WGS84)

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At first: Park your car at home.

The coordinates mentioned above point to a modell airfield, where you can get a helicopter for a short flight to the first destination of this cache.

Part 1:
Go to 50.858876 7.138464 (note: the coordinates are in decimal format, you'll need this format).
Arriving at destination, hover 200 meter above the ground and look down.
You'll see 2 digits and a letter: Assign digit 1 to A and digit 2 to B.
Assign the letters position in the alphabeth to C.
Define the IATA code of the airport where you now are (example: FRA = Frankfurt Airport) and assign the alphabeth position of each letter of this code to D, E and F.

Let's take a larger plane to 25.787541 -80.279966.

Part 2:
At crossing the destination coordinates, before landing, look down and assign G and H to the 2 digits of the runway number.
Also here, define the IATA code of the airport where you are now and assign the alphabeth position of each letter of this code to I, J and K.
If you have some time to spare, take a short trip to the famous beach, east of the city and perhaps enjoy a cool Mojito.

Now we will fly to BJ.GD(A+B)(B+G)HG (2*B)(F-E).JEDAKE
Save all collected values for later use.

Part 3:
At destination, again hovering at 200 meter above sealevel, you will read a text.
Assign to the letters of this text the numbers 1,2,3 to 0 in the order they appear. If a letter occurs that already has a number, ignore it. If you run out of numbers, leave the rest
It is a very sandy business over here.

Using the values derived from the text we fly to cu.aeatko e.owcwtw

Part 4:
Check the runway we land on.
Assign the respective digits to L and M and the letters position in the alphabeth to N.
Again, define the IATA code of the airport where you are now and assign the alphabeth position of each letter of this code to O, P and Q.
Perhaps enjoy a trip the city of light, before we continue our voyage direction south.

We now fly to PA.PDPKQ(A+B) (P+K).BGPQJK(D+O)

Part 5:
Define the IATA code of this airport and assign the alphabeth position of each letter of this code to R, S and T.
At destination we see some Canadair CL415 (also called Bombardier 415) amphibious firefighters, which are rowed up orderly on the apron.
How many of them do you see. Assign this value to V.
At the other side of the airport you'll find several chaotically parked older Canadair CL215. Assign U with the amount of them.

Take one of the CL215 or CL415 and fly north.

Land at the small lake near: North: VL°(T*2).(T*V+Q) East: V+K°(R+K).((Q*V+K)*R+T) (back to normal coordinate format)
(You can park your car at North: VL°(T*2).GP(U-K) East: V+K°R.(R*(T*2-1)))

From here you see a sign which tells you the name of the "lake" and the year it has been constructed.
Assign this year to W.

You will find the cache at North: VL°(W/50-G).L(R+U+K) East: V+K°((W/200)+P).PBP

Additional hint  

Part 1 to 5: Google Earth (or Google Maps) has very luxurious planes, it makes you feel at home.
Part 5: Canadairs are mostly yellow and red in France
At final: not yet



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Found Recommended 30 June 2015 hammac found the geocache

Tolles Rätsel schon vor einer Ewigkeit gelöst, heute endlich den Outdoor-Teil angegangen und Dose gut gefunden.
In: FP

Found Recommended 23 May 2015 finnkrone found the geocache

CoolCoolCool .. wie lange liegt dieser Cache schon gelöst in der Schublade, schier ewig.

Heute auf dem Weg mit dem MTB zum Rursee gehoben abseits der gängigen Wege. Die Ammobox hat doch arg gelitten und ich befürchte der Verweis auf einen weiteren Cache ist entschwunden :o(

Trotzdem eine schöne Stelle und ein empfehlenswerter Cache +++


Found 25 November 2012 anyhow found the geocache

Ein schönes Rätsel zum Entspannen.Keine großartige Gehirnakrobatik, einfach nur scharf hinsehen und ein wenig rechnen. Gelegentlich hilft dabei auch ein Blick in die Vergangenheit. Bei schönem Spätherbstwetter konnte die Dose auf einem gemütlichen Sonntagsspaziergang geborgen werden.

TFTC, anyhow