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N 53° 32.532' E 009° 59.234' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 07. August 2015
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The Traditionsschiffhafen

In the center of Hamburg's HafenCity lies the Traditionsschiffhafen in the Sandtorhafen (which translates to "harbour for traditional ships" in the "sand gate harbour"). The basin you see was the first artificial harbour basin within the city of Hamburg. It was important for modernising the way cargo was handled. It was opened in 1866. (information taken from http://www.sandtorhafen.de/ – German only).

When the HafenCity was created this became a central place for historic ships. Normally you can see quite a display of different ships tied up in the Traditionsschiffhafen.

The cache

Please don't mess with any lamps or any cabeling, that's not it. No need to use force or tools.

The cache lies almost at the given coordinates – I did not want to make it quite that easy. The cache is hidden at a spot, from which you will have a really good view of the harbour basin. From the given coordinates you will see that viewpoint instantly. That should be all you need to know.

The spot can be pretty crowded, but in my experience most people don't stay there for very long. If it's too crowded, use the hint and take your time (not suspicous at that location to stand around). Grabing and putting back should be able discretely.

Saidly, the cache is not doable if you are bound to a wheelchair – guess our modern HafenCity is not that barrier-free after all. At least I could not find a way from the box back to the street, but every finder is challenged to prove me wrong there! You can get quite a bit around, but you'll hit a stair at some point. Try it out, it's kinda amazing how far you'll get (I did not enter any office buildings, I'm sure they would have an elevator somewhere).

One GPS-related thing at this spot: From my experience you often have your device telling you a precision of 3-5 meters, while giving you a position that is 20+ meters off. Just use common sense, and you should be able to find the spot I chose. Since the box is not at the listed coordinates, that should not matter anyways.

The texts within the cache are German only, but feel free to write to the log in any language.

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Ng oryyl uvtug, jurer vg'f oebnq rabhtu sbe n fznyy Fznyy.



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gefunden 11. September 2017, 18:36 Tholmer1968 hat den Geocache gefunden

Zum Glück war das Muggelaufkommen heute sehr gering. Nach einer kurzen Suche gut gefunden und geloggt. Danke für's Legen und Pflegen.

nicht gefunden 09. Juli 2017, 12:24 Doc-Brown hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

Selbst nach dem 3. Anlauf mit meflobin nicht gefunden


gefunden 13. Juni 2017, 09:24 FallobstBirne hat den Geocache gefunden

Wir mussten ein bisschen überlegen. Haben ihn aber dann doch gefunden.

Vielen Dank!

gefunden 05. Juni 2017, 21:54 MrT hat den Geocache gefunden

Ein relativ schneller Fund heute morgen. War auch moch nicht soo muggelig.
DfdC sagt Team GrünerHund

gefunden 01. Mai 2017, 14:08 powerpeanut hat den Geocache gefunden

Beim ersten Versuch vor ein paar Monaten nicht auf Anhieb gefunden, dann von Muggeln gestört worden. Ist halt ein netter Aussichtsspot. Heute auf einer Reise durch die Zeit mit den wiggems dann erfolgreich zugreifen können.

Danke und Grüße
Hamburger Piraterie