Mad Rock Disease / Felsenwahn

 Short but steep hike, no real path. Not suitable for anything on wheels

von Gavriel     Österreich > Niederösterreich > Niederösterreich-Süd

N 47° 56.167' E 016° 04.613' (WGS84)

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This cache will take you to the southwest of Berndorf (well known for cutlery and Egyptian-style school classes), in a small village named Steinhof (first reason for the name).

If you come by car you may find parking space near N 47° 56.296', E 016° 04.735' (along the road).
Public transport: The distance from Berndorf (railway-station) is about 2,5 km (partly on a hiking path).
As the length of the cache is rather short you may consider to lengthen your hike in the direction of Hohe Mandling or Waxeneckhütte. There are many possibilities available.

The terrain is not particularly difficult, but there are no marked trails (although there are many small trails all over the area) and it is very steep. No real climbing is necessary, but at several places it is possible to slide or fall down. So be careful. With very little children it may not be advisable.
The look of the corroded rocks is the second reason for the name.

Best way to Stage 1: From the end of Steinhof follow the yellow marks (to Waxeneck etc.) until you reach a green/white bar and the end of the fence around a water reservoir. There turn left to continue.
Calculations usually apply to the last three digits of N and E (same way as with most other caches).

Stage 1, N1 =47° 56.167', E1 016° 04.613': Triangle
The object has a triangular outline (more or less). It is easy to identify because it bears a red number in a wellknown format . Take the digits of this number in the order of their appearance as a, b, c, d, e and f.
Reception is poor here, try one of these waypoints (measured by previous finders) in order to find Stage 1
N 47° 56.115 E 016° 04.597
N 47° 56.129 E 016° 04.574

It may be that you find Stage 3 and 4 on your way to Stage 2. But the coordinates taken there were not very good, so Stages 3 and 4 will be described from Stage 2.

Stage 2: N2= N1 - d*f - b*e + a / E2 = E1 + b*c - e
A (very) small helper will tell you two letters. Convert them into numbers (A=1, B=2, ... Z=26) and call the two numbers g and h.

The Stages 3 and 4 are nand slightly to the east). Stage 3 lies higher than Stage 4, but the latter is the most spectacular place on this cache-trip.

Stage 3: An unusual Tree
Normal trees have: Leaves, needles, branches, twigs ... This one has something completely different. The tree you're looking for stands near some sort of ridge. If you follow that ridge from Stage 2 northwards you should hit the tree.
Count the "special things" in the lowest 2 meters of the trunk. Let this number be i. I know, that I can reach up to 2.05 cm with my outstretched hand. The i-1-th thing is definitely higher up.

Stage 4: The Cathedral
About 20 m north from the Tree (staying east of the ridge) you can't miss Stage 4. Proceed (carefully) into the centre and look around. Clearly visible are two pairs of letters (which will have to be converted into numbers according to the already mentioned scheme) in the format j.k. and l.m.. j and k are written in black colour, l and m are of greenish colour.

The Cache
NCache = N2 -k*i - l*i - e and ECache = E2 + h

It is a little bit tricky to get the box out and in again. Make sure that the lid is tightly closed after replacing.

The cache is a white plastic-box (appr. 1000 ml) with a red lid, it originally contained:
Cachelog, -note and Pencil and a plastic bab for the contends (please do not remove)
mug, lizard, penguin, King, KungFuFighter, fossil plate from Triest, Oktaeder, red animal (probably swedish)

There is little or no traffic there, nevertheless hide the cache well again to prevent accidental spotting from below.

Happy Hunting

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nicht gefunden 07. Februar 2009 Hynz hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

Bin ziemlich umstaendlich in die Naehe von Stage 1 gelangt um erst dann mit den Alternativkoordinaten zu erahnen wonach ich suchen muss. Dann am Weg zu Stage 2 die beiden anderen Stages bemerkt und in der Kathedrale schon das kommende Desaster erahnt. Fuer mich waren die Zweierkombinationen von Buchstaben bei weitem nicht klar. Dann ziemlich lang entlang des eindeutigen Laengengrades viele Steine gefunden aber erfolglos geblieben und querfeldein wenigstens beim Alten Brunnen Trost gesucht und gefunden.
Super Gegend und schoene Aussicht, Thanx.

gefunden 01. Dezember 2007 sterau hat den Geocache gefunden

Empfehlenswerter Cache, der zu unrecht derart selten besucht wird. Wenn man einmal Stage 1 gefunden hat, dann ist der Rest ein Kinderspiel. THX Sterau & Lisi

IN: TB Eagle

Hinweis 27. Dezember 2006 Gavriel hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Ich habe die verschwundene Box durch eine etwas kleinere ersetzt. In nächster Zeit will ich versuchen, einen neuen Platz zu finden, da in der Nähe des Caches eine recht ungustiöse Ansammlung von Hirschgebeinen zu finden ist.

Box replaced by a smaller one today, as it had disappeared. I plan to move the hiding-place due to a lot of deer-bones nearby

gefunden 01. September 2006 Salewa hat den Geocache gefunden

Diese Felsen haben uns fast wirklich in den Wahn getrieben!!  ;)
In der Kathedrale hatten wir mehrere Aufenthalte, nach mehreren Kontakten mit den Ownern (Thanks) hatten wir ihn dann doch gefunden!!  :)
Dieses Gebiet kennen wir jetzt jedenfalls sehr gut!!  ;)
IN: Motorrad
OUT: Schlüsselband

gefunden 03. Juni 2006 team_BAFL hat den Geocache gefunden

When we started, it stopped raining. All stages were found easily and solved without any problems (for stage 1 we used the alternative coordinates), also the cache was found within seconds. We have never been in this area and enjoyed the walk very much!


thx for this cache!