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Traditional Geocache
por encima del puente san bou

 cerca de una retonda

by pepe 1     Spain > Illes Balears

N 39° 53.884' E 004° 04.928' (WGS84)

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 Size: normal
Status: Available
 Hidden on: 14 February 2016
 Published on: 14 February 2016
 Last update: 14 February 2016
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC12AFF

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Description    Español (Spanish)


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Log entries for por encima del puente san bou    Found 3x Not found 0x Note 0x Maintenance 1x

Found Recommended 29 September 2018, 17:30 Geohans found the geocache

It's more than two years since the last logger had signed. So I was curious if this cache still existed. Well - it does. It was not so easy to find the way from the beach side - took me three attempts. The second, passing the cave men, brought me on top of it, too dangerous (for me) to climb down. With the third I reached this old villa from the front side - embedded in high grass and bushes. Thanks for showing this Lost Place. On my way back I saw, that a paved road ended here only some meters away.

Tftc. Gave me an adventurous walk in the late afternoon. Container and logbook ok.

Found 21 August 2016, 16:00 johnny_cache11 found the geocache

This afternoon we decided not to stay at the beach (as usual) but to go back to our apartment. So I took my smaller mini cacher to examine these caves that we saw so many times from the beach:


What an incredible lost place ! Who build this house ? And when ?

I took lots of photos here. Later on we easily found the container:

LachendLachendLachend   !  !  !  S  T  F  !  !  !   LachendLachendLachend



Pictures for this log entry:
johnny_cache11 at lost place in Son Bou 1johnny_cache11 at lost place in Son Bou 1
johnny_cache11 at lost place in Son Bou 2johnny_cache11 at lost place in Son Bou 2

last modified on 01 October 2016

Found 24 May 2016 Gery 72 found the geocache

Diesen LP auch besucht und tatsächlich durfte ich mich in einen jungfreulichen Logbuch verewigen. Viele Grüße und Danke fürs legen. Lächelnd

Available 14 February 2016, 14:30 pepe 1 has maintained the cache

Pictures for this log entry:
casita en ruinascasita  en ruinas (Spoiler)
entre arbolesentre arboles (Spoiler)