And Now for Something Completely Different

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N 42° 41.810' E 023° 19.251' (WGS84)

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Beschreibung    English

The cache is not at the initial coordinates. It is somewhere in Sofia and not too far away from a metro station.
You need to find the answers to a few questions and calculate a couple of formulas to get the final location of the cache.

A. How many yards is the range of the killer joke?
B. How many people are there in this picture?
C. What shalt be the number thou shalt count?
D. How many are the elements in the Spanish Inquisition's weaponry?
E. What is the yearly budget of the Ministry of Silly Walks (in pounds sterling)?
F. How many of Brian's followers are not different?
G. What is the number of the rule that does not exist at the Philosophy Department of the University of Woolamaloo?

The coordinates of the container are:
N42 LAT E 023 LON , where:

Mr. Lambert would say that:
LAT = (265*A + 31*G + 16*C) / 1000

Mr. Verity would say that:
LON = (57*E/1000000 + 13*B + (F-1)/D - 15) / 100

(Otherwise, both of them are perfectly all right.)

Note: The container is small on the outside but micro on the inside because part of its volume is not available for items. Please, make sure that there is nothing above the dashed line before closing the container or the lid may get broken. In fact, we'd be most pleased if you don't leave any trading items. Look for a small container but use it as a micro.

Fetchez la vache!


This picture
This picture
The container
The container


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