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Augsburger Impressionen

 A city tour for tourists and locals who love their city.

by MoWoWing     Germany > Bayern > Augsburg, Kreisfreie Stadt

N 48° 22.120' E 010° 53.850' (WGS84)

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Status: Available
 Time required: 2:00 h   Route: 4.0 km
 Hidden on: 27 October 2017
 Published on: 27 October 2017
 Last update: 14 July 2020
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AWARD FROM BESSERCACHER (BETTER CACHER): This cache received the award from BesserCacher.

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Note: The T-rating is so high only because of the track length. But the round can be mastered by experienced wheelchair users with the necessary physical condition or with foreign help.

The indicated waypoints (WP) lead you on a tour of 4 km length (duration 1,5 to 2 hours) to some of the most interesting and beautiful sights of Augsburg.
At some of these waypoints you have to solve a little task, in order to determine the coordinates for the virtual final.

To meet the logging conditions, you need a digital camera or a smart phone with camera.

Because some sites are accessible at certain times only, this cache can be made only at the following times: Tuesday - Sunday, 10:00 - 17:00, not on Monday.

WP01: Rathausplatz (Town Hall Square)
Enjoy the imposing sight of Perlach-tower (Perlachturm) and town hall
and have a closer look at the Augustusbrunnen (in font of the Perlach-tower).
Question: In which direction does Emperor Augustus show with his right hand?
                N: A = 1, NE: A = 2, E: A = 3, SE: A = 4, S: A = 5, SW: A = 6, W: A = 7, NW: A



WP02: Maximilianmuseum
Here you can find the Fugger monument. This does not honor, as one might think, the famous Jakob Fugger ("the rich man"), but one of his nephews, Hans Jakob Fugger. It is the only monument in Augsburg that honors a Fugger. And on top of that one who caused the company's bankruptcy.
The entrance to the Maximilianmuseum can be found next to the Fugger monument. Through the archway you come into a glass-roofed courtyard, the "Viermetzhof" (free admission only in the courtyard). To protect some of the valuable sculptures of the magnificent fountains of Augsburg, they were replaced by copies and the originals were exhibited here. Among other things, the "Graces" from the Hercules Fountain.
Question: What does the grace wash which you see on the far right?
            Her feet (Füße): B = 1, her hair (Haare): B = 2, a cloth (Tuch): B = 3
If the museum is closed, solve the following replacement question.
Replacement question: Change the Roman year, which you find on Fuggerdenkmal, into the decimal system wxyz.             B = x - z








WP03: Weberhaus (Guild house of the weavers)
Here you can admire the colorful painted former guild house of the weavers.
Unfortunately, the original, beautiful painting has been lost and replaced by a modern facade painting after the war.


WP04: Zeughaus (Arsenal)
Above the portal of the Zeughaus you can see the impressive St.-Michaels bronze group. It shows the Archangel Michael in the battle against Satan.

To the next waypoint WP05 you should try to go through the gate of the house at Zeughausplatz 7. Here you will come through the beautiful courtyards of the Fugger houses and perhaps you also can take a look at the Damenhof (ladies' courtyard).
The Damenhof is one of the most beautiful courtyards in Germany, with its arcades, supported by Tuscan columns and superbly painted arches.
Unfortunately the passage through the Fugger houses is not always open. In this case you have to go to the left through the Apothekergässchen.

WP05: Maximilianstraße
Here you stand in front of the Fugger houses in the Maximilianstraße, the boulevard of Augsburg with its many magnificent citizen houses.

WP06: Schaezler-Palais
At the Herkules fountain you stand directly in front of the Schaezler-Palais. This rococo palace was inaugurated in 1770. Star guest was the 14-year-old Marie Antoinette (daughter of Empress Maria Theresia), who has been on her bridal trip from Vienna to Versailles to the marriage with the later King Louis XVI.. According to the legend, she danced in the exceptionally ornate banquet hall until a pair of red shoes were broken.
It is highly recommended to visit this room once (this costs entry fee).
In any case, you should take a free look into the beautiful garden of the Palais, to which you will pass through the gateway.


WP07: Kapuzinergasse
Take a short detour into the Kapuzinergasse to WP08. 


WP08: Katanhaus
The Katanhaus is one of the few remaining houses with the Rococo period wall paintings typical of Augsburg. Through a courtyard gate, you enter a courtyard from where you can admire the east facade of this house.
Question: What kind of animal looks from one of the virtual windows?
                Dog: C = 4, cat: C = 5, parrot: C = 6
Go back to Maximilianstraße and continue to WP09.




WP09: Ulrichsplatz
Here you stand in front of two assembled churches of different denominations, the small evangelical St. Ulrichskirche and the great Catholic basilica of Ulrich and Afra. This unique ensemble is a symbol for the "Augsburger Religionsfrieden (religious peace)", which was concluded in Augsburg in 1555.
Question: What animal is depicted on the wind flag of the house to the left of the smaller church?
                Cock: D = 7, fish: D = 8, lion: D = 9
We continue downhill through the small streets of the tranquil Ulrichsviertel.




WP10: View to Rotes Tor (Red Gate)
Turn to the left and have a view to the nice Red Gate and the oldest existing waterworks in Germany and probably also in Central Europe.
The Augsburg open-air theatre is located south of the Red Gate.

WP11: Water towers with Brunnenmeisterhaus (fountain master house)
Here you can see a beautiful monument, consisting of water towers and the house of the fountain master. For over 460 years, from 1416 to 1879, it served for the supply of Augsburg with drinking water .
Question: With how many rosettes (=R) is the ledge of the house decorated?
                Calculate the the iterated (ie single-digit) sum of digits of this number E = SOD(R).
Follow the Spitalgasse about 100m northward and then turn right to WP12. On the way, you will pass the world-famous puppetry, the "Augsburg Puppenkiste".


WP12: Kräutergärtlein (herb garden)
Here you can take a look at the herb garden, a small, peaceful garden where every citizen can get herbs for free.
You're standing in front of an information panel that tells you about the best singers in our city.
Question: What number (= F) does the robin (Rotkehlchen) have?

Now go back a few meters and then turn left through the gateway to WP13.




WP13: Handwerkerhof (craftsmen yard)
Through a iron-barred gate, you enter the craftsmen yard. This is the most idyllic place in Augsburg with its water towers and the beautiful fountain master house, which today houses the Swabian craftsmen's museum.
Unfortunately the gate is not always open. In this case you have to be content with the photo in the listing (top, center). But a look through the gate is worthwhile.

WP14: Wool Market
From here, you will pass through a courtyard gate to the wool market, the medieval inner courtyard of the former monastery near St. Margareth with its magnificent arcade.
Important: Take a photo of the arcade, where a part of you or a personal object can be seen.
You need this photo to fulfill the logging conditions.
Continiue through the opposite courtyard gate.


WP15: Craftsmen route
Follow the "Schwibbogengasse" along the "Schwalllech", one of the many canals through the suburb, where many craftsman companies had once settled, including the Schäfflerhof, where you will pass by on the way.


WP16: Waterwheel at the Schwalllech
Here you will find interesting information about the use of hydropower in Augsburg.
Question: How many waterwheels did the fountain-master (Brunnenmeister) numerate in 1761?
                 ("Brunnenmeister ... führte 1761 exakt ??? Wasserräder auf, ...")
                G = tens place of this number!


WP17 - WP18: City wall and Vogeltor (gate named bird gate)
Walk along the few still existing remains of the city walls, pass the Vogeltor and then turn left to WP19.

WP19: Lech canals
On an information panel you will find interesting information about the many canals that pass through the Lechviertel. It is astonishing that the total length (Gesamtlänge) of the canals of Augsburg is about twice as large as that of the canals of Venice (38 km).
 Question: What is the total length (Gesamtlänge) of the channels fed by the Lech in the urban area of Augsburg?
                ("... 29 vom Lech gespeiste Kanäle mit einer Gesamtlänge von ??,? km.")

                H = digit after decimal point of the total length!




WP20: Pfladergasse
On the walk through the alleys and across the small squares of the suburb, turn right into the Pfladergasse. You will then pass the Alte Silberschmiede (old silver factory) with its romantic little inner courtyard.
A few yards away you are in front of the overwhelming back facade of the town hall.

WP21: Stadtmetzg (city-butchery)
In order to ensure the supply of the citizens with meat, a stately late-Renaissance building was built here at the beginning of the 17th century. One of the Lech canals was passed through this building, which allowed sufficient cooling and could be used to dispose waste.
Question: Which letter value (= I) has the last letter on the golden information panel?
                 (letter  values: a=1, b=2, ...)

To check: The sum of all solutions (A ... I) must equal 41 !





Final: N48° 22.(E-B)(D-H)(A-E) E010° 53.(F+G)(C-I)(A+I)
To check: The sum of all 6 digits after the decimal points must equal 22 !
Here on a wall you will find a stone plate with a strange meaning and two annual figures.

Important: Make a photo of this stone tablet on which a part of you or a personal object can be seen. You need this photo to fulfill the logging conditions.

Logging conditions: Once you've found this stone tablet, you can instantly log this virtual cache online.
As proof you have to send me the two photos of the arcades (WP14) and the stone tablet (final) via the GEOCACHING.COM message center. If your photos are not authentic, I will delete your log.
Attention: The GC message center refuses to transfer file attachments larger than about 2 MB. Therefore, you have to reduce your photo files with an image editing program before sending them. You can also use an online program for this purpose (e.g. https://www.easy-resize.com/de/ with the setting: Max. File size 250 KB, Max. Image size 1024 px).


As a crowning conclusion, I strongly recommend a visit to the "Goldener Saal" (Golden Hall) in the Town Hall. This costs a small entrance fee, but you will be overwhelmed.


Additional waypoints   Convert coordinates

Stage or reference point
N 48° 22.120'
E 010° 53.850'
WP01 Rathausplatz
A =
Stage or reference point
N 48° 22.060'
E 010° 53.810'
WP02 Maximilianmuseum
B =
Stage or reference point
N 48° 22.035'
E 010° 53.859'
WP03 Weberhaus
Stage or reference point
N 48° 21.973'
E 010° 53.843'
WP04 Zeughaus
Stage or reference point
N 48° 21.969'
E 010° 53.933'
WP05 Maximilanstraße
Stage or reference point
N 48° 21.903'
E 010° 53.960'
WP06 Schaezler-Palais
Stage or reference point
N 48° 21.825'
E 010° 53.987'
WP07 Kapuzinergasse
Stage or reference point
N 48° 21.829'
E 010° 53.916'
WP08 Katanhaus
C =
Stage or reference point
N 48° 21.737'
E 010° 54.008'
WP09 Ulrichsplatz
D =
Stage or reference point
N 48° 21.593'
E 010° 54.101'
WP10 Blick zum Roten Tor
Stage or reference point
N 48° 21.605'
E 010° 54.195'
WP11 Wassertürme mit Brunnenmeisterhaus
E =
Stage or reference point
N 48° 21.656'
E 010° 54.240'
WP12 Kräutergärtlein
F =
Stage or reference point
N 48° 21.620'
E 010° 54.218'
WP13 Handwerkerhof
Stage or reference point
N 48° 21.668'
E 010° 54.196'
WP14 Wollmarkt
Stage or reference point
N 48° 21.742'
E 010° 54.250'
WP15 Handwerkerweg
Stage or reference point
N 48° 21.832'
E 010° 54.184'
WP16 Wasserrad am Schwalllech
G =
Stage or reference point
N 48° 21.909'
E 010° 54.241'
WP17 Stadtmauer
Stage or reference point
N 48° 21.987'
E 010° 54.202'
WP18 Vogeltor
Stage or reference point
N 48° 21.967'
E 010° 54.143'
WP19 Lechkanäle
H =
Stage or reference point
N 48° 22.059'
E 010° 54.013'
WP20 Pfladergasse
Stage or reference point
N 48° 22.170'
E 010° 53.969'
WP21 Stadtmetzg
I =
Info The additional waypoints are shown on the map when the cache is selected, are included in GPX file downloads and will be sent to the GPS device.


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Log entries for Augsburger Impressionen    Found 16x Not found 0x Note 1x

Found 06 June 2020 Fritzezippel found the geocache

Heute stand für Mein Kleiner, Prinzessin Lilli, Herrn Fritzezippel und mich Sightseeing in Augsburg auf dem Programm. Dieser Cache führte uns quasi erst mal durch die Stadt und hat uns die wichtigsten Stellen von Augsburg gezeigt. Der Rundgang hat uns sehr gut gefallen. Auch haben wir den Tipp vom Owner angenommen und anschließend den Goldenen Saal des Rathauses besucht. Das war auch sehr interessant und impossant.

Mit diesem Online-Log lacht ein weiterer :-) auf meiner Geocaching-Karte. Vielen Dank für den schönen Cache.

....../ )
.....' /
---' (______
.DFDC . ((__)
..... _ ((___)
....... -'((__)

Found Recommended 03 May 2020 wolle1964 found the geocache

Diesen Rundgang habe ich schon am 16.06.2018 bei GC absolviert.

Da sich die Logbedingungen geändert hatten, konnte ich bei OC nicht loggen, sondern musst eerst nochmal zur Steintafel. Inzwischen braucht man kein Passwort, sondern zwei Beweisfotos.
Huete war ich sowieso beim Cachen in der Innenstadt und habe die zwei Fotos noch schnell erstellt.

Hier der "alte" Log:

Als Einheimischer führte mich der Rundgang zu Orten, die in lange nicht mehr gesehen hatte oder wo ich überhaupt noch nicht war:
Schön: Die Originale der Brunnenfiguren im Maximilianmuseum.
Endlich auch mal einen Blick in den Damenhof geworfen.
Und das Katanhaus ist auch echt sehenswert.
Vielen Dank an MoWoWing für diesen schönen Stadrundgang.
Den kann man wirklich allen Augsbrug-Touristen empfehlen.

Für mich gibt's einen seltenen Found eines Virtuals und für den Owner lasse ich gerne einen Favoritenpunkt da.

Vielen Dank


Found 21 August 2019 ManniK found the geocache

Diese Runde war das Hauptziel unseres Augsburg-Ausflugs. Wir wurden zu vielen schönen Fleckchen geführt, leider waren wir für die ein oder andere Besichtigung schon zu spät dran. Da werden wir wohl nochmal mit besserem Timing wiederkgenuommen. Da haben wir auch noch genügend Multis zu absolvieren.
Danke für die schöne Stadtführung sagt ManniK

Found Recommended 03 April 2019, 10:55 bloemkdi found the geocache

Es ist ein sehr schöner Spaziergang durch die Augsburger Innenstadt, der wirklich fast alle wichtigen Sehenswürdigkeiten verbindet. Den könnte fast so auch die Touristeninformation empfehlen.

Für mich waren damit allerdings auch keine wirklichen Überraschungen mehr zu sehen, aber für Cacher, die sich nicht so gut in Augsburg auskennen ist der toll.
Und bei einem virtuellen Multi fehlt mir persönlich irgendwie auch die Dose als Ende, die den Cache abschließt.
Aber das ist schon Jammern auf sehr hohem Niveau.

Danke fürs Legen und Pflegen des wirklich schönen Spaziergangs!

last modified on 01 October 2019

Found 19 November 2018 fangolin found the geocache

Den haben wir am 18.02.2018 bei GC gemacht...

Augsburger Impressionen...im winterlichem Kleid  :-) Schon lange steht dieser Cache auf meiner Liste und so machte ich mich heute zusammen mit Balextra auf, die Stadt mit ihren Winkel und Ecken mal im winterlichem Flair zu erleben. Es war eine wirklich schöne Runde und wir haben es sehr genossen. Danach noch nen heißen Kaffee und nen leckeren Kuchen....das muss auch sein :-)

Danke MoWowing für deine Stadtführung und Gruß von,

Achte auf Deine Gedanken, denn sie werden Worte.
Achte auf Deine Worte, denn sie werden Handlungen.
Achte auf Deine Handlungen, denn sie werden Gewohnheiten.
Achte auf Deine Gewohnheiten, denn sie werden Dein Charakter.
Achte auf Deinen Charakter, denn er wird Dein Schicksal.