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The Mapparium

 The Mapparium can only be visited whit a guided tour, but you don't need to do so to find this cache.

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Beschreibung    English

Inside the Mary Baker Eddy Library is a three story height room filled whit a massive glas globe where you can walk through the globe and see the world map from inside. The idea behind this globe is that you can see how the earth really looks like and grasp better where things in the world happen than when staring at flat and distorted maps.
It is a very great experience especially for us Geocachers and travelers! And beside the map, also the acusticus inside the globe is amazing as the glass walls reflects the sound in a unique echo.

To visit the Mapparium your have to go whit a guided tour. It takes about 20 Minutes and currently costs 6$ per adult (multiple entries included). I can highly recommend this tour even as it has a little bit of religious talking in it. But you don't have to take the tour to find the answers for this cache. You just need to visit the free accessible part of the library during the opening times. You can find more information on the Mary Baker Eddy Library Website.

Opening times
Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Closed on Monday and public holidays.

Task / Log requirements
To log this cache you have to enter a password. To create the password go to the waiting area for the tour and find the "Mapparium" label shown in the header image above (ignore the background of the picture).

On the right side of the label you find a golden box whit letters embossed on the front. The top most word is the first part of the password.

On the left side of the label is a passage which leads to the Mapparium and a little exhibition in front of it. This is part of the tour but you can access it whit out it. Find here the year of the map where the Mapparium is based on. This will be the second part of the password.

And now enjoy this fabulous attraction! Have fun!

If you like this cache: There is a very similar cache on opencaching.us but the password is different.

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Gur cnffjbeq pbafvfgf bs 7 yrggref sbyybjrq ol 4 ahzoref juvg bhg nalguvat orgjrra gur gjb cnegf.



The waiting area
The waiting area
Spoiler to find the label
Spoiler to find the label


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