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The Black Cat

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Rose Street is a street in the New Town of Edinburgh, Scotland. It is a narrow street running parallel between Princes Street and George Street.

Today, it is principally a shopping street, however, it is well known for containing a large number of bars and public houses.Rose Street was built from 1770 to 1781 as a secondary street running east to west from St Andrew Square to Charlotte Square on the south side of George Street. Its name "Rose" represents England as Thistle Street represents Scotland. Originally built as three storey vernacular rubble houses it was not as grand as its surrounding streets. Built wholly as housing, by 1820 it was becoming a shopping street at ground floor. This change continued further and by the mid 20th century it was totally in shopping use (and also multiple bars). The nature of the street changing drastically in 1972 when multiple blocks were replaced by a standardised design, incorporating a projecting scalloped concrete canopy as part of an organised reconstruction by the Council, designed by Ian Burke AssociatesThe street was pedestrianised in the 1980s.Rose Street was nicknamed the "Amber Mile" by tourism promoters (later dropped) due to the many bars and public houses along it. This was partly in reference to the Royal Mile, but was misleading since it is neither an English nor a Scots mile in length.

While some of the traditional pubs here have given way to ones with humorous names such as Dirty Dicks and Filthy McNastys, in keeping with its many Walter Scott references, Rose Street in Edinburgh has a bar called the "Kenilworth", along with one named after Scott's house, the "Abbotsford". Milne's Bar, also has literary connections, with one of its rooms nicknamed the "Little Kremlin", because many members of the Scottish Renaissancesuch as Hugh MacDiarmid would meet there. Pictures of various Scottish poets appear on the walls.

Rose Street, along with the history, is also famed for a rare drinking game. This game, named the Rose Street Challenge, is not for the faint of heart. It involves making your way along Rose Street while having a drink in every bar/pub/restaurant on the way

This cache is dedicated to our love for black cats, we have four of them at home. Cache is located across The Black Cat pub in Rose Street, Edinburgh. 

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the black cat pub
the black cat pub
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gefunden 06. September 2018, 19:06 reisebande hat den Geocache gefunden

Found it. Lovely little cache. Lots of muggles, we pretended taking some photos.

gefunden 15. Juli 2018, 11:55 Moitz hat den Geocache gefunden

First OC this days - TFTC!!

gefunden 03. Mai 2018, 18:59 nafmo hat den Geocache gefunden

FTF together with Irvemania

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