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Webcam Geocache
WebCam - National Philharmonic

 【ツ】 WebCam-Livestream

by Elvis7     Lithuania > Vilniaus apskritis

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N 54° 40.589' E 025° 17.313' (WGS84)

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 Hidden on: 31 January 2018
 Published on: 31 January 2018
 Last update: 13 March 2018
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visit: WebCam · Image

Go to the above coordinates.
You will be in front of a webcam that takes a picture every few seconds.

picture: Lithuanian National Philharmonic @ balticlivecam.com

Now you need someone to save the picture of yourself taken by the webcam or save it as a screenshot on your smartphone.

To log this cache, you have to post this picture.
The picture should allow to identify you as a geocacher.
How you do that is up to you:
holding up an umbrella, banners, warning vests, balloons, headlights, or cheering into the camera... all the purpose is welcome!


The Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society was established in 1940 as State Philharmonic of the Lithuanian SSR and after the collapse of the Soviet union became a designated national cultural institution. In the XVI century, before the Philharmonic was established, there was an indoor market, which was partially demolished at the end of XIX century. Afterwards, the building was reconstructed and repurposed countless times. Over the years, the building was re-purposed countless times – it was used as a theater and concert hall, lecture hall and a governmental building.
Nowadays, the Philharmony is the largest concert organisation in Lithuania, which holds the status of the national cultural institution since 1998. The Philharmonic Society act as a main organizer of countless music events and concert cycles Vilnius, such as the Vilnius Festival, as well as outside Vilnius, including the Nakties Serenados (Night Serenades) in Palanga, and the Kuršių Nerija in Neringa. The Philharmonic Society works with the most renowned Lithuanian national musical collectives and orchestras. The building of the Philharmonic Society is situated in the center of the Old Town, with the concerts usually held in the Concert Hall and Chamber Hall. 

Additional hint   Decrypt

Vs gur jropnz vf bssyvar, cyrnfr gnxr n cubgb bs lbhefrys be lbhe TCF/fznegcubar, fubjvat gur jropnz va gur onpxtebhaq.



Lithuanian National Philharmonic (webcam)
Lithuanian National Philharmonic (webcam)


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New Image: https://thumbs.balticlivecam.com/blc/VilniusRamda.jpg

The webcam takes a picture every 60 minutes.

picture: Lithuanian National Philharmonic @ balticlivecam.com