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Churches in Ottakring

by Tafari     Austria > Wien > Wien

Attention! This Geocache is "Archived"! There is no physical container at the specified (or to be determined) coordinates. In the interest of the place it should not be necessarily to search!

N 48° 12.453' E 016° 20.156' (WGS84)

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Status: Archived
 Time required: 2:00 h 
 Hidden on: 30 August 2005
 Listed since: 04 January 2006
 Last update: 13 July 2011
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Description    Deutsch  ·  English

This Cache is addressed especially to those, who gladly looking for churches - to all others naturally also!!

This walk through  the 16th Viennese district gives opportunity to learn also the sacrale side of the district. The references exclusively refer to architectural attractions. The Cache is suitable therefore also for non- or otherbelivers. ;o). You can walk the way by feet or by bike. Cars are also possible. If you go by feet, calculate aprox. 1 1/2 or 2  hours for the way. Because of the reason this is a Towncache, buggies and herds of dogs (if they are "on line") are no problem. The GPS works not very good at most stages, so be a little tolerantly at the wayponits. The calculations are all in Milliminutes!!!


Stage 1

Even if it should become clear on the second view only, but you are standing before a church. Architecture is as more as faster classified as contemporary. Unnoticed this sacrale building sleeps in the midst of its neighboring buildings. At the side panel you can read a name. Count the letters, which you see at the wall and call the number A. Look around you now a little bit more exactly and do find the church entrance - NOT the entrance to the parsonage building!. Determine the number of door handles and call the number B.

N2= N1+(11*A+2)
E2= E1-(B*29-1)


Stage 2  

Already somewhat more remarkably this sacrale building is located in the urban landscape. Even if the first impression is inviting perhaps not straight, you should look at yourself also this house very well. The number of crosses on the roofs that you can see  is C. A small strange thing has this church. It carries a sign with a number on  the side, which for such buildings is a little uncommon. Note the number on the sign as D.

N3= N2-(85*C+10)
E3= E2-596-D


Stage 3  

And again a something other way to build churches. Although not  necessarily for the Cachesearch an attendance in this church is recommended. First however we want to count the flag holders, which are at the front. Their number is E. If we raise our head we can read a clearly reminder. The number of reminding words is F. 

N4= N3+198+(D*E)
E4= E3-(A*F-8)


Stage 4  

We stand in front of a new gothic Cathedral built in 1898. In this house a family is intended. Call the number of family members G. In the case of more exact observation we will see that here someone special priority sneezed. Who is it? Convert this word into numbers (A=1, B=2....Z=26). The sum off all numbers is H.

N5= N4-(11*G)
E5= E4-(H*9+C*11)


Stage 5  

We are now located in the heart of the old village Ottakring. Do you see the "guards" above the gate? The number of persons is J. In the proximity are the heroes of Ottakring. Search now for them. Form the crossfoot of all numbers that are noted with them. We call this sum K.

N6= N5+A+B+C+D+E+F+G+H+J+K-180
E6= E5-A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-J-K-19


Stage 6

After doing enough for the mental well-being the Cache is hidden close to a place where you can do something for your physical well-being.. The Cache is a plastic box with a diameter of aprox. 15cm and a depht of aprox. 8cm. Although only profane things are contained, the Cache is pleased about any sacrale bugs or devotional objects -  thx!!!

    Please note, that the "Stealth-mode" is absolutely recommended at the cache location!!!!!

The cache contains initialy:

- Cachenote
- Log
- Pen


- the poor churchmouse
- Teddy the bear
- key trailer
- eraser

- pencil sharpener


Happy caching wishes Ras Tafari

P.S.: Please lock the Cache again firmly, then pack up as it was and hide it as it was -  THANKS!!!


Version 2.1

Additional hint   Decrypt

Pnpur: oruvaq na nqiregvfvat obneq





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Log entries for Churches in Ottakring    Found 12x Not found 0x Note 0x

Found 13 March 2007 Stegi found the geocache

Toll, wieviele im Stil unterschiedliche Kirchen auf so "engem" Raum beisammen stehen. Bei Stage 2 gabs jede Menge Unklarheiten, die aber vom Rudel (Schneeprinzessin, Ant, Tschem & me) demokratisch gelöst wurden. Richtig gelöst wie sich bei den nächsten Stages zeigte Der Hatscher war aber gewaltig!
In: -
Out: TB Hochstuhl


Found 04 February 2007 tomduck found the geocache

die stages schon vor fast drei monaten als anfänger absolviert, die dose aber nicht gefunden. eine variable war falsch, aber ich war trotzdem nur etwa 30 meter vom versteck entfernt. heute abend etwas genauer geschaut, und dann war da so was verdächtiges... schöne tour durch ottakring. notrade, tftc

oc-log am 28.10.2007

Found 30 January 2007 sterau found the geocache

Ein wirklich schön gemachter Cache. NT, THX, Sterau

Found 28 April 2006 Mausbiber found the geocache

Sehr schöner Idee. Werden die Kirchen mit Fotoapparat sicherlich noch einmal besuchen. Ein paar Ungereimtheiten konnten wir auch locker ausmerzen.
IN: Geo-Coin-Kanada, Giraffen Anhänger
OUT: Autoschaber, Wichtelstempel
lg die Mausbibers Susanna & Heinz

P.S.: NACHTRAG, da wir uns erst am 13.5.06 bei "Opencaching" registriert haben.

Found 18 March 2006 peter61 found the geocache

Gemeinsam mit Mathilde die verschiedenen Stationen besucht. Zwischendurch hatte ich ein paar Mal meinen Rechenkünsten nicht getraut, aber wir kamen doch immer zu irgendwelchen Kirchen. 2 der Kirchen habe ich schon gekannt, da ich mal dort in der Gegend gewohnt habe.
Das Versteck selber war mir fast zu leicht.
Alles im allen war es ein sehr schöner Nachmittag.