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Traditional Geocache
Neocraft Transfer TR #19:Butcher

 A butcher

by NeoCraft     Turkey > Muğla

N 36° 46.632' E 027° 41.148' (WGS84)

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 Size: micro
Status: Available
 Hidden on: 18 May 2018
 Published on: 18 May 2018
 Last update: 16 July 2018
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC1482D

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Dornröschen-Dosen by Slini11


Description    български език  ·  Deutsch  ·  English  ·  Português  ·  Türkçe

A butcher sells, in whole or in part, the butchery animals it buys, retail, to the customers after it has removed their bones and nerves.

Additional hint   Decrypt

[Turkish] Pvgl Ubgry öaü nğnç nexnyneıaı nen.



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Found 16 June 2018 Halil found the geocache

Found The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 20 November 2017, 13:00 Selim found the geocache

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