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SSVC: Nibelungenturm

di dogesu     Germania > Rheinland-Pfalz > Worms, Kreisfreie Stadt

N 49° 37.854' E 008° 22.646' (WGS84)

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 Nascosta il: 17. ottobre 2018
 Pubblicata il: 17. ottobre 2018
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 17. ottobre 2018
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SightSeeingVirtualCaches are virtual caches which will show you attractions all over the world. Caches of this series are always "OC-only" and can only be logged by finding a passwort on the concrete site.
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The first bridge crossing the river Rhine at Worms (Ernst-Ludwig-Brücke) was busted by the withdrawing military 1945 and this tower was remaining. In the year 1953 there was built the "Nibelungenbrücke" leading through the gate of the older tower at the left side of the river Rhine.

Due to the increasing traffic (it is the only bridge between Mainz and Mannheim crossing the Rhine) there was installed the "new Nibelungenbrücke" in the south of the old one in the year 2008.

To claim this virtual cache it would be fine if you would append a picture of you/yourGPS-device to your log. You will find the required password at the north side of the tower (pedestrians walk, roadway heigth): There is installed a little information panel with the outline of the tower. The password is put together with the first 5-digits number xxxxx, followed by the second word in the line above, written in upper-/lowercase like on the panel, for example: xxxxxWord.

There are two possibilities to reach the information panel: Follow the pedestrians walk at the north side of the old bridge (disability access) or you climb the stairs beginning at the "Rhine Promenade".

Have fun and enjoy the attraction; best wishes from the SightSeeingVirtualCaches Team.


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trovata The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 20. giugno 2020 kruemelhuepfer ha trovato la geocache

Bei meiner heutigen Radtour habe ich auf der Brücke den Rhein überquert. Endlich habe ich mal dran gedacht, den nördlichen Weg zu nehmen und konnte so nun die Aufgabe lösen.
Danke für's Hegen und Pflegen.

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trovata 31. maggio 2020 AndreIsaPaul ha trovato la geocache

Auf der heutigen kleinen Radrunde hier endlich mal zugeschlagen...

Danke sagen AndreIsaPaul und Luke! 😁

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SSVC Nibelungenturm WormsSSVC Nibelungenturm Worms

trovata 06. ottobre 2019, 00:20 URS59 ha trovato la geocache

Auf einem sehr verregnetem Worms-Rundgang sind wir auch hier vorbei gekommen.
Danke fürs Zeigen

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Schönes TorSchönes Tor

trovata 01. settembre 2019 etaner ha trovato la geocache

Wunderschönes Tor.

trovata 01. settembre 2019 Mr.No ha trovato la geocache

Mein erster Cache in Worms, durch dieses Tot in die Stadt eingedrungen. Beeindruckend.