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Zemun fortress (Gardos)

 Traditional cache on Gardos

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N 44° 50.894' E 020° 24.600' (WGS84)

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 Letzte Änderung: 28. Mai 2019
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Geocache is situated on a historic site in Zemun. There are two significant monuments from different periods on this site. You will find remains of medieval fortification and the tower called "Kula Sibinjanin Janka". Also, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the old town of Zemun, Danube river, the Great War Island and city of Belgrade in the background.

The medieval fortifications in Zemun have been preserved in the remnants of the so called gothic-type citadel. The square castle with a round tower on each side is preserved in parts of its outer walls and towers to the height of 2 meters. The castle is positioned SE-NW, NE-SW, and the length of its sides is 32.60, 30.15, 32 and 30.80 meters. The average diameter of the towers is 10 meters. The walls are built in broken stone, covered with brick in lime mortar.The fortress was first mentioned in the sources in the ninth century, and then frequently after the twelfth century. It is believed that the existing walls are from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. In a Prandšteter miniature from 1608 the castle is represented as whole and roofed, while the panoramas of Zemun from the eighteenth century show it in ruins. The castle was devastated by the scattering of the building material, and it is necessary to restore and revive it. The ruins of the castle are the oldest remnants of old Zemun.

Kula Sibinjanin Janka (The tower of Janos Hunyadi) or the Millennium tower, also known as the Tower on the hill or simply the Gardoš tower. It was built and officially opened on August 20, 1896 to celebrate a thousand years of Hungarian settlement in the Pannonian plain. It was part of the massive construction effort which included buildings in Budapest as well as four millennium towers on four directions of the world. Being the southernmost city in then Hungary within the Austria-Hungary, the tower was built on the ruins of the medieval fortress on Gardoš hill which barely survived today (only angular towers and parts of the defending wall). The tower was built as a combination of various styles, mostly influenced by the Roman elements. Being a natural lookout, it was used by Zemun's firemen for decades. Today, the tower is better known after the Janos Hunyadi, who actually died in the old fortress four and a half centuries before the tower was built.

Cache is located in a hole inside wall next to viewpoint. Take a look to spoiler for more information.

During sunny days there are a lot of mugglers, so be careful.

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panoramic view
panoramic view
fortress plan
fortress plan
drawing of Zemun and fortress
drawing of Zemun and fortress
spoiler picture 1
spoiler picture 1
spoiler picture 2
spoiler picture 2


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momentan nicht verfügbar 28. Mai 2019 vanjakom hat den Geocache deaktiviert

Because of the works on the reparation of the fortress wall, the cache is temporary unavailable. It will be back as soon as the works are done.

nicht gefunden 26. Mai 2019, 08:44 Tungmar hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

It was a nice sight up here. Unfortunately there are construction works going on and the location is in it's mit's. Even on Sunday the workers where busy here so I didn't try to find it. It also looks like they rebuild the wall where the cache is probably hidden in. So it may be gone when they are done.

Thank you for bringing me to here any way!

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