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Webcams on Ireland von GEO-TOURS


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See Galway (/ˈɡɔːlw/; Irish: Gaillimh) from our perspective. Whether you are going to visit Ireland and looking at our cameras to view our beautiful streets, or you just want to simply check out our weather, our cameras will tell you all you need to know.
One Camera is facing down Shop Street and the other is facing towards the Latin Quatre. Galway City is always buzzing with excitment.
In the winter, our beautiful Christmas lights and busy streets will lift your spirits.
In the summer, the city buskers come out to shop street and there is a great feeling in the air.
Everyday brings something different on the main street of Galway. Never miss those moments again with our live webcams. 


visit: Website · Cam1 · Cam2 · Port
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On this live streaming webcam you get a perspective of Shop Street, in Galway City, Ireland. As the name suggests, this is the hub of the city’s shopping area. Once here, you will find not only shops and pubs, but Galway City Latin Quarter, which starts at High Street and seems to host one big party. Lynch’s Castle and Eyre Square are just up the road on the left, and to the right, down High Street, is the beautiful river Corrib that flows into Galway Bay just 200 metres away. The population of Galway city is around 78,000, making it Ireland’s fourth largest city, which will be the European Capital of Culture in 2020. Galway is known as Ireland’s festival capital, hosting numerous events throughout the year, including the Galway races, Ireland’s biggest Racehorse meeting over 7 days every summer.   


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Galway City WebCam
Galway City WebCam
Harbour Galway (webcam)
Harbour Galway (webcam)
Harbour Galway (webcam zoom)
Harbour Galway (webcam zoom)


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Hinweis 22. Juni 2019, 16:20 Dr.Acula hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben


from 20th to 23rd of June 2019 I was on my way with a group of 24 cachers from Germany and Switzerland in beautiful Ireland. The main goal of this trip was of course the GC43 "Europe's First", but we also got to see a lot of other nice things and had a lot of fun together. We visited Dublin, Bray and the west coast of Ireland.

Day #3: Our trip to the west coast where we saw the magnificent Cliffs of Moher, the Burren and a little bit of Galway City.

At the hotel in Dublin I had tried out with which browser of my smartphone I could access this webcam. That worked wonderfully with one of them. Unfortunately the online connection on site was not fast enough, so I only got error messages. I tried it for 20 minutes. But then I had to give up and go back to the bus. Really a pity for this opportunity to FTF. Stirnrunzelnd

Try at 22.06.2019 / 04:20 pm

Greetings to viperbruno from Germany,