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Bibelspruch ev.Reformiert im Fenster

by zarkier     Germany > Hamburg > Hamburg

N 53° 33.250' E 010° 00.021' (WGS84)

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 Hidden on: 04 November 2018
 Published on: 12 November 2018
 Last update: 07 December 2018
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Bible saying ev.Reformed in the window

The present church replaced Raboisen, the church hall, and the two-towered church, inaugurated in 1857 but destroyed in the last war. It was built by the Rhenish architect Rudolf Esch, with the help of donations from the community and inaugurated in 1965. A second construction phase (community hall) could not be realized for financial reasons. The building between Raboisen and Ferdinandstrasse is surrounded by office buildings and stands on mighty concrete piles.

In 2011, in addition to a refurbishment of the building, the long-awaited expansion of the community center was completed, combined with the redesign of the exterior frontage. A glass facade on the ground floor has been created room for a community hall, connected with a kitchen and a large youth room. Every Saturday a "breakfast for all" takes place in the newly created community hall and the spacious entrance area.

Above the youth room, a room for confirmands, children's services and other events was erected on the upper floor. Church chancellery and seminar rooms are also located upstairs.

In addition, the building on the upper floor next to the worship room houses a large, bright foyer in which the community gathers for church coffee after the service. The only jewelery in the church space are the windows of Helmut Lander, which are noted in the professional world. The semicircle-seated community looks out on the pulpit, the leader organ, the sacrament table and the baptismal font. The wood-paneled ceiling stretches like a tent roof and reminds the congregation that it is the wandering people of God, who has no permanent place here, but seeks the future.

Particularly impressive is the new glass facade on the ground floor, which stimulates the visitor and the passers-by with the text of the Bible in six languages ​​to think. The semi-transparent design by the artists Michael Lönne and Jörn Neumann from Paderborn make community activities visible.


To cache: To lodge the cache you have to with you and the text of the Bible saying one at the window taking pictures with you or GPS!
I also need an answer from you, which you need as a passport to lodges: Which Bible text or excerpt is chosen here?




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Found 07 March 2020, 12:00 Hermie87 found the geocache

Mein zweiter Hamburger Cache während des Kurzurlaubs.

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BibelBibel (Spoiler)

Found 01 February 2020, 17:54 flint24220 found the geocache

Auf dem Rückweg zum Bahnhof habe ich noch die erleuchteten Fenster aufgesucht. Nach zwei Fehlversuchen hatte ich auch die richtige Schreibweise für das Passwort eingegeben. DfdC

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erleuchtende Bibelsprücheerleuchtende Bibelsprüche

Found 24 September 2019 Angua33 found the geocache

Wir waren heute in Hamburg unterwegs und konnten ein paar Dosen machen.

Hier konnten wir gleichzeitig zwei Caches machen.

Am Versteck der Dose hat jemand seinen Schlafsack und eine Isomatte versteckt. Da kommt man schon ins Grübeln.


Vielen Dank fürs Legen und Pflegen

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Found 30 July 2019 ufade found the geocache

Für ein paar Tage bin ich geschäftlich in Hamburg. Das lässt sich prima mit Cachen verbinden. Danke für's zeigen.

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Found 11 March 2019, 13:27 Nordlandkai found the geocache

Nachdem ich den Tradi gefunden hatte, habe ich noch den Virtuellen gemacht.
Danke für den Cache.

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