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Geocache Tradizionale
Cobblestoned street in Zemun

 A traditional cache in Gardos

di vanjakom     Serbia

N 44° 50.887' E 020° 24.714' (WGS84)

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 Nascosta il: 10. novembre 2018
 Pubblicata il: 10. novembre 2018
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 10. novembre 2018
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Gardoš (Serbian Cyrillic: Гардош; Hungarian: Gárdos) is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Zemun. Located on the slopes of the hill of the same name, with its tower and preserved old architecture, Gardoš is the major historical landmark of Zemun.

Gardoš is one of three hills on which the historical core of Zemun was built (other two are Ćukovac and Kalvarija). Gardoš rises on the right bank of the Danube and is the natural lookout to the area across the river (Crvenka section of the Pančevački Rit in the municipality of Palilula). Gardoš borders the neighborhoods of Gornji Grad on the northwest, Ćukovac and Muhar on the south and Donji Grad on the southeast.

Gardoš, Ćukovac and Kalvarija hills are not natural features. Zemun loess plateau is the former southern shelf of the ancient, now dried, Pannonian Sea. Modern area of Zemun's Donji Grad was regularly flooded by the Danube and the water would carve canals through the loess. Citizens would then build pathways along those canals and so created the passages, carving the hills out of the plateau. After massive 1876 floods, local authorities began the construction of the stony levee along the Danube's bank. Levee, a kilometer long, was finished in 1889. Today it appears that Zemun is built on several hills, with passages between them turned into modern streets, but the hills are actually manmade. Due to its position above the river, it has been an excellent military lookout through history. The hilly appearance is enhanced by the centuries of fortification of the Gardoš, mostly using stone from Belgrade's side of the Sava river, which made Gardoš even higher.

Loess terrain of Gardoš, Kalvarija, Ćukovac is one of the most active landslide areas in Belgrade. Being cut into for centuries, the loess in some sections have cliffs vertical up to 90%. Additionally, this area is known for lagums, a vast network of underground corridors, which were used for supply and eventual hiding and evacuation. In the previous centuries, settlers left many vertical shafts which ventilated the lagums, drying the loess and keeping it compact. As the city of Zemun grew and got urbanized, the shafts in time were covered or filled with garbage. That way, the corridors retained the moist and began to collapse. Situation is critical after almost every downpour.

For the most part, the neighborhood preserved its old looks, with narrow, still mostly cobblestoned streets unsuitable for modern vehicles, and individual residential houses. As a curiosity, almost half of the neighborhood is occupied by Zemun's largest graveyard. As a popular promenade become somewhat of a fashionable place since the 1990s, several modern restaurants were built near the top of the hill with the view on the Danube.

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V jvyy tb fybjyl hc gb gur uvyy ...



Sindjeliceva street
Sindjeliceva street
Sindjeliceva street
Sindjeliceva street


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trovata The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 26. maggio 2019, 08:49 Tungmar ha trovato la geocache

I had a short look here into the yard and then I spotted the nice little one. Thank you for this great early Sunday morning cache!

trovata 30. marzo 2019, 13:00 sin_gr ha trovato la geocache

Ein wunderschönes Wochenende im Frühling mit unseren Freunden führte uns auch hier an diesen sehenswerten Ort. Tftc. Halva