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Vung Tau Back Beach CITO

 Carry out your own little CITO

von TeamMicroRiskant     Vietnam

N 10° 20.253' E 107° 05.575' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 29. Januar 2019
 Veröffentlicht am: 29. Januar 2019
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We would never have imagined, our first cache to be in Vietnam. Since January 14th 2019 we are travelling the world and hope of course to find some interesting caches. Unfortunately there are only few in Asia, compared to our home country Germany.

Strolling along the Back Beach in Vung Tau today, we felt the urgent need to do our own little CITO. The beach is very popular with tourist, especially from vietnam, but also polluted. There are tourist complaining about the beach beeing littered and dirty. But why do they complain instead of doing something? It would help, if everybody visiting this beach (or any other beach) took only one bag of trash to one of the litterbins.

And this is what we did today, but we collected several bags of trash. Reaktions were really positive, many people encouraging us and some even helping. We know, that there are far worse places and a lot of other problems in the world. But we also know that every little step one single person takes, will contribute to make our world a better place at the large scale. We want to encourage you and others to be a positive role model, even if it seems an endless effort or other people think it futil. There are several organisation dedicated to cleaning the oceans, educating people and making them think about their environment. In the end everything on earth is a cycle and problems are connected in one or the other way.

To log this cache simply grab one of the many plastic bags lying around and collect at least one bag of trash on the Back Beach in Vung Tau (or any other place around, that might need it). There are trashcans right above the beach on the promenade. We would like to encourage you to post a photo of your activity or the outcome of your efforts.

Do you have any tips for avoiding waste, especially the unnecessary usage of plastic bags? Share them with us! In Europe and Germany plastic bags are being banned almost completely, if you need one, you have to pay for it. One of the first facts that attracted our attention was, that people are very free in using plastic bag here in Asia. You get one everytime you buy things, even if it really not necessary.

  • Always bring your own bag, kindly refuse the ones offered
  • re-use plastic bags if you have them
  • avoid using diposable tableware or straws
  • use a refillable thermo cup instead of take-away-cups
  • buy at local markets, where loose goods are offered and fruit and vegetables are not wrapped
  • buy second hand, share or give away things you no longer need

Please feel free to copy this cache to wherever it is necessary, CITO should not be only twice a year, but whenever it is needed.

Take care at the beach! There are flags in the water, telling you how far you are allowed to go out into the sea, stay within this limit! You might want to weare gloves and shoes to avoid getting injured.

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TMR at Vung Tau Back Beach
TMR at Vung Tau Back Beach


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