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Forst Düppel West (Revier Dreilinden) BFC Bonus for Cleaning

 Bonus for Cleaning: Collect the trash in nature on the hike and get a geocache point as a thank you.

by bfc-outdoor     Germany > Berlin > Berlin

N 52° 24.390' E 013° 07.417' (WGS84)

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 Size: no container
Status: Available
 Time required: 3:00 h   Route: 10 km
 Hidden on: 23 March 2019
 Published on: 23 March 2019
 Last update: 23 March 2019
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC151CC

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Trash in nature is a big problem. Some of the trash is obviously caused by forest workers, others is carried by the wind or animals (rarely) into the forest or by forest visitors. A big problem is plastic waste, which decays in nature only within decades or centuries, but remains as microplastic and does not decompose.

But people do not watch anymore, they started to collect the garbage. Years ago I launched the BFC-BONUS FOR CLEANING on the Opencaching.de platform, so that mindful nature lovers can get a bonus point as a small reward for their activity.

And I want - not just as proof - that you post a photo of the collected garbage here so that everyone can see the waste that was in the nature. As a reminder for more mindfulness!

Requirement for logging:

Collect the garbage on your hike on the way, take a picture of the filled trash bag in the forest with your navigation device, where you can see the coordinates, and post it in the log.

Forest Behavior

Apart from any special exceptions, in general:

  • Do not cause noise.
  • Do not destroy fences and do not enter restricted areas.
  • Do not damage plants.
  • Do not destroy nest buildings.
  • Do not damage or manipulate signposts.
  • Do not light a fire in the forest.
  • Do not leave waste, no poster.
  • No general motor vehicle traffic.


Trash in the forrest
Trash in the forrest


This geocache is probably placed within the following protected areas (Info): Landschaftsschutzgebiet Düppeler Forst (Info), Vogelschutzgebiet Westlicher Düppeler Forst (Info)

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Found Recommended 25 March 2019 Euni found the geocache

Gestern habe ich eine kleine Runde am Griebnitzsee und über den Müllberg gemacht. Innerhalb kürzester Zeit waren zwei Müllbeutel gefüllt. Danke für den tollen Cache, dafür gebe ich eine Empfehlung.


Pictures for this log entry:
Müll mit GPS an der HubertusbaudeMüll mit GPS an der Hubertusbaude

last modified on 29 March 2019