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The Chinese Lions of Main Street Bridge

 This is about the historical event "On to Ottawa Trek"

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On to Ottawa Trek

Looming impressively on either side of a bridge that serves as a rail overpass which leads to Crab Park on Vancouver’s waterfront next to the Port of Vancouver, sit 2 granite Chinese lions, engineered with special lighting from below to highlight their after-dark appearance.These lions were a gift from the Shanghai Port Authority to the City of Vancouver. The eastern marble base has the inscription in English and the western in Chinese.

From this place, over 1,000 young unemployed workers climbed atop boxcars to take their plea for “work and wages” to Ottawa. Few expected the trek to survive the trip through the mountains, but it gained momentum and support as it rolled east across the prairies. The RCMP, acting on federal orders, stopped the Trek in Regina and later provoked a riot when armed mounties attempted to arrest the Trek leaders at a peaceful Dominion Day rally. A defining event of the Great Depression years, the Trek endures as a symbol of the quest for social justice.

Here at this earth cache you should answer the following questions so that I allow you to log.

1. What year were the lions donated to the city of Vancouver?

2. What year the thousand young unemployed workers took their plea “work and wages” to Ottawa?

3. Come to this bridge and take a picture of yourself and the lions!

You can get the information you need from the history boards here on the bridge.
Send me the answers and then upload your pictures if I have allowed you to log!
Have fun with the cache and enjoy the view of the city ;)

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