Lingvägen Webcam

 Webcam Riksväg 73

von Tantalus Sulatant     Schweden

N 59° 16.372' E 018° 05.624' (WGS84)

 andere Koordinatensysteme
 Größe: kein Behälter
Status: kann gesucht werden
 Versteckt am: 13. Juni 2020
 Veröffentlicht am: 13. Juni 2020
 Letzte Änderung: 13. Juni 2020
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC1629A
Auch gelistet auf: geocaching.com 

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große Karte




This Webcam in the south of Stockholm shows a bridge over the Riksvägen 73. 


Find the Webcam and stand visible like me (with my folding bike) at the handrail on the bridge.




Have fun


Webcam 73
Webcam 73


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gefunden 21. Februar 2020 URilomeo hat den Geocache gefunden

Nowadays webcam Caches are very rar. Therefore I wanted to visit this old cache during my stay in Stockholm. The Sun was shining today. Best conditions to come here and make the needed photo. Thank you for the cache and for the conservation of this Oldie.

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gefunden 11. September 2014 FerrariGirlNr1 hat den Geocache gefunden

[b][green]Durvir[/green][/b], [b][orange]haegar1974[/orange][/b], [b][blue]Christyan[/blue][/b] and [b][red]FerrariGirlNr1[/red][/b] traveled on a 10 day trip around the Baltic Sea to visit and explore new countries and cities. Besides that, we searched for some geocaches (of course... [8D]). We drove through Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Åland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark; this cache lay on our route and sounded interesting.
I've checked the webcam webpage several times before we went to the webcam and it worked fine, all the time. When we arrived, we prepared our hats and umbrellas and went to the position. Cars and trucks passed by and honked towards us, we must have looked very funny [:D]. The webcam was online and we waited for the next live image (took 5 or 10 minutes), but then, we didn't see ourselves in the image, the camera stream broke! [B)] We thought it has to be a temporary problem and waited for the next images, but nothing happened for the next 30 minutes. So, many people around us had fun and we decided to "interpolate" the webcam image. That was also much fun - and at least, our selfie worked!
This was my geocache find no. 6788 [|)]. Thanks for hiding and greetings from Lübeck, Germany,

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Try 4 - finally, it worked!Try 4 - finally, it worked!
Try 3Try 3
Try 2Try 2
Try 1Try 1
The webcam cameraThe webcam camera
Broken webcam streamBroken webcam stream