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From 6 August 2021 in Italy it is necessary to have the green certification (the so-called GreenPass) to be able to access any type of indoor dining service, shows, events and sports competitions, museums, institutes and places of culture, swimming pools, gyms , wellness centers, fairs, festivals, conferences and congresses, spas, theme and amusement parks, cultural and recreational centers, gambling halls and casinos, public competitions.

What is that?

It is a Certification in digital and printable format, issued by the national platform of the Ministry of Health, which contains a QR to verify its authenticity and validity

What does it have to do with geocaching?

To play down a bit the polymics aroused by this measure, I wanted to create a cache on the opencaching platform and accustom geocachers to the idea that this document may become more and more familiar in the near future.

The cache:

I remind you that it is a multi-cache, so the initial coordinates are used only to be able to collect the information necessary to calculate the final coordinates of the cache.

First of all, I would like to introduce you to my first opencache that, even if he was a real person, he too decided to get vaccinated in order to access any indoor premises and have fun with geocaching.

In the attached image you can even see his GreenPass, which shows you how important it is to always have it with you and above all to know how to read it.

In order not to spoil too much, I stop here and leave it to you to find the necessary instructions to continue the treasure hunt.

Once you have found the final coordinates, you can check them via the link to geoceck:


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