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FdHr_#1 - Tarnen und Täuschen

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N 48° 38.564' E 016° 30.754' (WGS84)

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 Grootte: micro
Status: Beschikbaar
 Verborgen op: 02. februari 2019
 Published on: 08. november 2021
 Laatste verandering: 08. november 2021
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC16F68

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general information:

Be welcomed to the "Frättingsdorfer Hunderunde" - it consists in 6 stages + a bonus.

The track is about 3,4 km long and will take between 1,5 and 2 hours (incl. searching). It's a bit hilly, but can be managed by foot and also by bicycle. Starting point is the trainstation Frättingsdorf.

Implementing the caches needed lots of work, time and also money, so please handle them carefully. Most of them are hidden very well (and are also camouflaged), please leave them the same way as you found them.

The coordinates of the bonus will be found in the stage logbooks - please have a look at the "bonus hint"!

detailed information stage#1:

found coordinates: north: -38 east: +38

there is no need for "getting in" or climbing.
Be careful: Lots of muggles at the train times!!

bring your own pencil.

thanks for reading and now, have fun.

Additional waypoints   andere coördinaatstelsel

N 48° 38.575'
E 016° 30.753'
Bahnhof Frättingsdorf
Info The additional waypoints are shown on the map when the cache is selected, are included in GPX file downloads and will be sent to the GPS device.

Gecodeerde hint   Decoderen

ernq nyfb orgjrra gur yvarf naq fbzrgvzrf v'z gnyxvat genfu...uvag sbe obahf: "Oenvyyr"



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Gevonden 03. oktober 2021 SabineAndi14 heeft de cache gevonden

Erst durch einen Hinweis durch den Owner und Zufall die richtigen Koordinaten ermittelt. Solche Caches machen Spaß 😁