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 The Cachelocation is situated in the beautiful Val Veny in the Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc) area at the west-end of the ita

by Landyman     Italy > Valle d'Aosta/Vallée d'Aoste > Valle d'Aosta/Vallée d'Aoste

N 45° 48.204' E 006° 55.375' (WGS84)

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 Hidden on: 07 August 2002
 Listed since: 09 June 2006
 Last update: 09 June 2006
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Description    Deutsch (German)

The Cachelocation is situated in the beautiful Val Veny in the Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc) area at the west-end of the italian Aosta-Valley. To reach the Cache you should wear Hiking boots!!! /p To find the Cache you first have to visit a *magic park* ! If you like to stay there is a camping site next to it.

There you find a Sword in a stone at N 45° 48.204'  E 006° 55.375'
The stone lies in the middle of a geometric figure. How many sharp ends of that figure show away of the stone?
Assign the result to the letter A.

At N 45° 48.175'  E 006° 55.357' you will find an other magic symbol
How many stars do you find around the eagle's head?
Assign the number to the letter B.

There is a map at N 45° 48.240'  E 006° 55.404'
How many tent-symbols do you find?
Assign the number to the letter C.
How high is the mountain you find in the direction to Tunisi?
Assign the height to the letters DEFG.

At N 45° 48.243'  E 006° 55.400' you find a little hut designated to Maria Santissima
Watch out for the following people and note the dates next to them and assign them to the letters:
Aloi Domenico Luigi   1HIJ - 1KLM
Ferrucio Lasazza   1NOP - 1QRS
Gilli Vitter Vittorino   1TUV - 1WXY

Finally you will find the Cache at:
N 45° VF.BPS'  E 006° A(Y+J).(R-Q)HL'

Additional hint   Decrypt

Lrf vg'f fgrrc naq lbh unir gb tb hc gurer! Vs lbh neevir urnygul hc gurer, jung jr ernyyl ubcr(!!!) ybbx va na byq gehax!



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