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Virtual Geocache
Val Ferret No. 1

 Just find the picture of an animal and enjoy the valley!!!!

by Landyman     Italy > Valle d'Aosta/Vallée d'Aoste > Valle d'Aosta/Vallée d'Aoste

Attention! This Geocache is "Archived"! There is no physical container at the specified (or to be determined) coordinates. In the interest of the place it should not be necessarily to search!

N 45° 52.291' E 007° 03.097' (WGS84)

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 Size: no container
Status: Archived
 Time required: 0:30 h 
 Hidden on: 21 August 2002
 Listed since: 09 June 2006
 Last update: 09 June 2006
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC1FE7
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On the way to that cache watch out for that beautiful mountains of the Monte Bianco - Region (also known as the Mont Blanc area) around you!!!

As long there is no snow you will find a picture of an animal on the roof of a house to the west.

If there is snow you will probably not see it! May be you ask at that house, they should be able to tell you!

Question: Email me what kind of an animal it is. Pictures would be fine! And mail also the coordinates of that building

Have a nice time!! (We had a wonderful time up there!)
Landyman & family

Additional hint  

In that house you can get some refreshment if you like, maybe in exchange for the solution?



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