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Weinheim Trift Earthcache

 Geological site in Alzey-Weinheim

par Lakritz     Allemagne > Rheinland-Pfalz > Alzey-Worms

N 49° 44.417' E 008° 04.340' (WGS84)

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 Caché en : 23. novembre 2004
 Affiché depuis : 14. juin 2006
 Dernière mise à jour : 14. juin 2006
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About 30 million years ago, in the so called oligocene, the valley of Weinheim was a bay on the east coast of a peninsula. In those times the sea had flooded most of the land southwest of Mayence (Mainz) and the climate was much warmer. At the "Trift" you can see what the ground of the sea looked like. The sand has been washed away from the 280 million years old rocks of the nearby shores.
The most common fossils are mussels and snails, which you can see as white objects in the sand wall. There are also remains of fish, especially shark's teeth, bones of manatees, and remains of small animals and plants. In the middle part of the wall there are knot-like structures which are holes, digged by animals like crayfish and worms, and filled up with different material afterwards. In the close-grained sediment you can see clearly U-shaped concentrations of coarse sand and fine gravel, which were made by rays searching for food.

After the sand had settled, lime precipitation came about in certain circumstances and grouted the layers, so they are more likely to weather out.

The "Trift" has attracted geologists and paleontologists for more than 150 years. Many natural history museums have fossils from here. The caves in the lower part of the wall were made in WWII and used as air raid shelter.

To find your way to the "Trift" after your arrival in Weinheim follow the green signs "Naturdenkmal Trift".

Additional note: Please respect the fences that protect the sand walls of the Trift and also the private property (signs saying "Privatgrundstück, betreten verboten!") next to the site. Thank you!

To log this cache as a find, upload a photo of you and your GPSr in front of the sand wall. Logs without appropriate photos will be deleted.


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trouvé 05. septembre 2019, 20:32 Muesman trouvé la géocache

5. September 2019 15:32

trouvé 28. novembre 2015 hmpfgnrrr trouvé la géocache

Den GC-Earthcache habe ich bereits vor einer halben Ewigkeit gemacht. Heute bin ich im Rahmen der "ars vini"-Letterbox wieder mal hierher gekommen.


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hmpfgnrrr @ Weinheim Trift Earthcachehmpfgnrrr @ Weinheim Trift Earthcache

trouvé 28. septembre 2015 Schadi trouvé la géocache

Auf dem Rückweg vom "Küstenweg Rheinhessen" ins Nachtquartier in Alzey kam ich noch an der Weinheimer Trift vorbei und machte die paar Schritte hinauf zu diesem "Virtual Earthcache". Eine beeindruckende Formation, noch dazu von quasi weltweiter Bedeutung. In der einbrechenden Dämmerung konnte ich das gewünschte Bild gerade noch machen.

Danke für den OC-Earthcache!

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Schadi an der Weinheimer TriftSchadi an der Weinheimer Trift

trouvé 15. août 2015 AndreIsaPaul trouvé la géocache

Auf kleiner Hunderunde für Luke! heute Nachmittag auf bekannten Pfaden gewandelt...

Danke für den OC - AndreIsaPaul und Luke! ;-)

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EC Weinheimer TriftEC Weinheimer Trift

trouvé 12. avril 2015 Hawei01 trouvé la géocache

Bei bestem Cachwetter eine Runde mit Otua und Mara Jade22 gedreht. Ein sehr interessante Stelle hier. Vielen Dank für den Cache.

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