Vienna Appendix / Wiener Wurmfortsatz

A rather short walk from Rodaun to the area around the Wiener Hütte

von bevema     Österreich > Niederösterreich > Wiener Umland/Südteil

N 48° 07.911' E 016° 15.321' (WGS84)

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Maybe due to the cement factory and the quarries there the city border line of Vienna makes a sudden sweep to the left and then back again, like a small appendix. The tour takes about 2 hours one way, and about 4 hours round trip. The path is mostly flat, but there are some steep descents and a lot of rocks and roots.

You should take a flashlight and/or a sheet of paper together with pencil with you, to ease the numbergetting at Stage 2.
At stage 3 you could visit Rodaun Rocks as a nice interlude (don't forget to study the logs for hints), the Bücherkübel and P13#0146 Wiener Hütte later at the Wiener Hütte.

Stage 1
N1 48° 7.911 E1 016° 15.321

Here you can see the main entrance to a school guarded by a saint woman.
Look at the first name of her, convert all vowels into numbers (A=1, B=2,...) and sum them up to get A

Stage 2
N2 = N1+(a*4-13)/1000
E2 = E1-(a*10-27)/1000

Here you should find a small white boundary stone.
It marks a corner of ones real estate and it has a 3-digit odd (ungerade) number on it, take it as B (Hint: Easier done with a flashlight to increase the contours or carboncopied with paper and pencil).

Stage 3
N3 = N2-(b-a*5+1)/1000
E3 = E2-(a*3+b-1)/1000

Take a seat, and catch your breath again. How many seating-accommodations are within a radius of 20 m (the big wooden one counts as one)?
Remember their number as C
Maybe make a small detour to Rodaun Rocks?

Stage 4
N4 = N3-1/1000
E4 = E3-((a+b)*c/2)/1000

The first undisturbed panoramic view to a large quarry (Steinbruch).
Is it in direction:

  • SE? Then D is 3
  • SW? Then D is 5
  • W? Then D is 7

Stage 5
N5 = N4+(a-c*2)/1000
E5 = E4-(a+b+c*2+d*3)/1000

The reception was rather bad here. When standing close to a bench on a clearing, go about 20 meter in direction 340°.
You were able to see a neat devotional shrine mounted to a tree, but it has gone to heaven. If you pray to the Godmother, who is asked for help?
Convert the last vowel into a number (A=1, B=2,...) and get E

Stage 6
N6 = N5-((c+d)*(c+d)*e)/1000
E6 = E5-(b*c-a*2+7)/1000

A resting place is guarded by a green dragon with a rotten breath ((c) PlanetEarth). Some identical letters are imprinted on its head.
How many of them (just the identical ones) can you see ? Take their number as F

Stage 7
N7 = N6-(b+e)/1000
E7 = E6-(b*4+a+c+d+e+f*2)/1000

A misbehaving hiker has carved a 4-letter male first name into this tree.
Convert the last letter into a number (A=1, B=2,...) and get G
Stay on the road leading west until you arrive at the

N 48° 7.677 E 016° 13.084

Now you can choose:
If you want a break at a nearby tavern with food and beverage, continue on route A.

Otherwise take route B.

Route A:

N 48° 7.658 E 016° 12.522
Have a break at the Wiener Hütte, accomodated also with a small playground.
Attention: Closed each Thursday and Friday !!

And maybe also a visit to the Bücherkübel ?
When leaving, don't forget to visit

Stage A1
NA1 = N7-(b+e)/1000
EA1 = E7-(b*a/2-204)/1000

A rather unexpected company is mentioned here on this sign, located in Kaltenleutgeben.
Look for a telegraph pole with a yellow warning sign with black writing.
Above the sign there are 4 metal digits hammered into the wood, add the two lowest digits to get H
Calculate (lowest digit * 30 ) - 1, you get J

In addition you could visit P13#0146 Wiener Hütte on your way downhill.

Route B:
Stage B1

NB1 = N7-(b+2*c)/1000
NE1 = E7-(a*d+b*3)/1000

The once colorful stripes on the two trees on both sides of the small path are almost faded, so look out for a big tree with a horizontal two-color marking.
  • Is it blue/white? Then H is 2
  • Is it blue/yellow? Then H is 3
  • Is it red/white? Then H is 4
Walk on downhill.

Stage B2
NB2 = NB1-((c+h)*h)/1000
EB2 = EB1-(c*h*h)/1000

On a landmark you can see two encarved letters and some digits on opposite sides.
Just use the uppermost line, convert all (four) letters into numbers (A=1, B=2,...), and sum them up to get J
Walk on downhill.

Stage 8
N8 = N7-(a+b+g+j*2-9)/1000
E8 = E7-(b*3+j*2+G-f+23)/1000

As the asked dust measuring instrument has been removed, a red-white thing blocks the way, too.
How many white stripes are here?
And how many vertical circular tubes can be seen?
Take the sum as K

Stage 9
N9 = N8-(j-g+2)/1000
E9 = E8+(j-K+23)/1000

Turn west at the opposite side of the post.
An ancient stone ramp welcomes you, use it to advance to

Stage 10
N10 = N9-(h*k-c)/1000
E10 = E9-(h*k+e)/1000

Again the reception was quite bad. Walk about 20 meters in direction WSW (250°), and you find a large object.
As all registered ones, it has a number painted in red. Sum up all digits, and take the value as L.
The number seems to be overpainted, so use L = 22.
Walk through the narrow pass at the right side and enter the

Cache area
Encounter a large rock formation where about 40 meters to the west there are two caves, now called left cave and right cave. Turn right and a broken sculpted stone construction lies on the ground. How many heads are missing ? Take their number as M.
But other things are still here. How many cornucopias can you see (Füllhörner) ? Take their number as N.

Calculate ((g + l)* m) + (k * n)
The Result is:

  • 44: Search at the left side of the left cave in the west
  • 47: Search at the left side of the narrow path facing eastwards
  • 51: Search at the left side of the lower right cave in the west
  • 78: Search at the right side of the left cave in the west
  • 86: Search at the right side of the narrow path facing eastwards
  • 92: Search at the right side of the lower right cave in the west

The cache is a deep-freeze box (size 23 x 13 x 5 cm ) and initially contained:

  • cachenote (please do not remove)
  • logbook (please do not remove)
  • pencil and sharpener (please do not remove)
  • ballpoint (please do not remove)
  • flubber
  • nail tattoos
  • small measure tape
  • plastic plant
If you are eager for more caches, you can continue with Föhrenberg, but it is not the shortest way back to your starting point.

V 1.02 (corrected vacation date, changed phrase at cache area)
V 1.03 (added reference to Bücherkübel, german description, A1/B1/B2/St10/Cache area rephrased)
V 1.04 (St2 corrected cause its an odd (ungerade) number, not a prime number, shame on me)
V 1.05 (vacation of tavern ended / Urlaub Wienerhütte beendet)
V 1.06 (directions at cache corrected at last / Himmelsrichtungen beim Cache endlich korrigiert)
V 1.07 (link Cache McBurney's Point added / hinzugefügt)
V 1.08 (vacation of tavern / Urlaub Wienerhütte)
V 1.09 (stage 8 added to hints)
V 1.10 (stage 8 replaced)
V 1.11 (McBurney's Point archived)
V 1.12 (decision 51/78 exchanged;rodaunrocks hints)
V 1.13 (detour cache added; hint Stg.2; new Stg.B1; short hyperlinks; duration inc.)
V 1.14 (stg 5 rephrased, gone)
V 1.15 (cache orientation)
V 1.16 (Stage A1 new, Stage 10 fix)

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Even after so many years a listing can be improved .

Happy Hunting, Martin

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Wieder ein neuer offener Nearest!

An dem Vienna Appendix haben wir nun Monate gearbeitet.
Angefangen hat das ganze Theater bei Stage2.
S1 haben wir als Ortskundige noch von zu Hause lösen können.
Dann gab es gleich den ersten Rechenfehler, und dort wo wir dann gelandet sind war zwar ein Loch, aber kein Grenzstein - hat da jemand den Grenzstein gemuggelt?
2. Versuch - Mountainbike Ausflug zur Stage 2: die Vorbereitung hat aber versagt und mit freiem Auge und Tastvermögen der Finger ist doch bis zum Schluß eine gewisse Unsicherheit, ob der Wert passt.
S3 und 4 waren dann eindeutig.
S5 mit Taschenlampe war wieder eine Unsicherheit.
Nächster Versuch - S5 blieb auch bei Tageslicht ein bisschen unklar - hätte da noch ein Text stehen sollen? Der Drache war wieder eindeutig.
S7 wieder völlig unklar - 4 Bäume innerhalb der 5m Ungenauigkeit, jede Menge Geritze, kein einziger Name mit 4 Buchstaben.
Zu Hause noch einmal Nachgerechnet und neue Ergebnisse!
Also folgt die nächste Montainbiketour. Nun findet sich ein eindeutiger Baum und ein identifizierter Übeltäter. Bei A1 gibt es nun wenigstens keine Unklarheiten, und auch S9 hat gepasst.
Bei den kurzen Tagen im Dezember ging es nun aber wieder nach Hause.
S10 hat nun wieder 2 Anläufe gebraucht: + und - ist schon wieder eine echte Herausforderung.
Heute geht es endlich zum Ziel!
Jetzt ist auch die Rampe und das Cachegebiet eindeutig.

Zum Schluß bleibt noch die Frage: Wird man so schlampig, wenn der Multi so nahe ist oder sind wir doch mit so einer Aufgabe etwas überfordert?

Danke für den Cache!
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