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 Easy but long hike near Lahnsattel.

por Gavriel     Austria > Steiermark > Östliche Obersteiermark

N 47° 44.476' E 015° 23.331' (WGS84)

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 Tamaño: pequeño
Estado: disponible
 Ocultos en: 16. julio 2006
 Publicado desde: 17. julio 2006
 Última actualización: 03. julio 2011
 Listado: https://opencaching.de/OC21A1
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The Haselspitz is only a few meters lower than the Hohe Student (only in German there is some confusion about the mountain begin female or male), but it offers a larger cross and a better view.

Possible starting point: Near "Aunbauer" at N 47° 45.806', E 15° 25.17'
Up via Freinsattel, later following the marked path. The "Studentalm" can be used to take shelter from the rain, but there is no one there. So bring your own provisions.

North of the Studentalm-Hut the small peak of the Hohe Student can be seen, what looked like a cross from the distance was a piece of a door-hinge attached to a pole.

We used the marked path to approach the Haselspitz, but the small path behind the peak of the Hohe Student might lead there as well.

The cache is hidden amidst some rocks (see spoiler picture). The special rock under which it lies looks rather freshly broken. It is not far from the path, not in plain view of the cross. It is not necessary to move large boulders, try the smaller ones.

Possible route down:
If you go down all the way to Halltal you will end up far away from the car (4 kms on the road). Some hiking-guides recommend bus, hitch-hiking or the use of a second car. We abandoned the path towards Halltal at N 47° 44.916', E 15° 23.153' and took some of the forest-roads north of the summit instead. We passed close to the Ochsenkogel, near the two small meadows north of the Ochsenkogel (which are one meadow in reality) we took the path towards the brook. Then we went down near the brook towards the large meadow. From there it is possible to reach the main road on a path. The AMAP suggests the existence of a small bridge at N 47° 45.624', E 15° 24.927', do not try to use this bridge, it is totally rotten.

The cache is a small plastic-box (about 125 ml) and contained a small logbook with integrated cache-note, two bats and a pig, a pencil. Please hide it well again.

Good luck


Blick zum Schwaben
Blick zum Schwaben
Doppelstöckiger Hochstand
Doppelstöckiger Hochstand


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encuentran 20. julio 2006 M.W. ha encontrado el geocache

Der knackige Aufstieg von Halltal bietet leider über lange Strecken kaum Aussicht, dafür aber zumindest Schatten - am bisher heißesten Tag des Jahres mit 36°C immerhin ein Trost. Trotzdem ist Gavriels Routenvorschlag sicher die bessere Wahl.
Dennoch wars eine lohnende einsame Bergwanderung mit kurzer Cachsuche und nachfolgender langer Rast im Gipfelgras.

Out ein Perlenhufeisennase
In ein Schwein

Dropped TB Bergfex und Tom Cat Geocoin

Vielen Dank, W.M.W.

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der kleine, feine Cache....der kleine, feine Cache....
...am Haselspitz...am Haselspitz