A short Multicache in Lichtenfels

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N 50° 08.819' E 011° 03.739' (WGS84)

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This short multi cache shows you the historic center of Lichtenfels, the German capital of basketry with currently about 21000 inhabitants. Basket weaving has a long tradition there, with its height starting in the 18th century. The first known export to a foreign country is dated 1780, which increased to worldwide recognition of the region's basket products. Even today, Lichtenfels is still an important town for this craft, with Germany's only school for basket weaving and a center for inovation, technology and design in German basketry. Apart from this, it's a beautiful franconian city, where a tour is certainly worthwile doing.

Starting Location (N 50° 08.771 E 011° 03.644): here you can park your car for free with a parking disc for two hours during business hours, which should be plenty of time to do this cache. If you go by train, you also arrive here - the station is just across the street.

Stage 1 (N 50° 08.819 E 011° 03.739): here you will find a historic clock, where you have to look for the year of reconstruction ("Umbau"). To get to the next stage, follow your GPS receiver through the small streets up to the church "Zu unserer lieben Frau", which has been built from the 14th to the 16th century.

Stage 2 (N 50° 08.808 E 011° 03.994): here you will find not only the Oberer Torturm (upper gate tower) which is 41 meters high and has also been used as a prison, but also the "Dümpelschöpfer" (pool water drawer). No, I'm not talking about the restaurant here - we are rather interested in the year of the donation (year on the plate). By the way, "Dümpelschöpfer" is a nickname for the inhabitants of Lichtenfels. It has been conceived after the margravian war of 1553, where a treasure had been stashed in a pool. After the war, it was decided to recover the treaure by drawing water from the pool. After a day of drawing water without success, it was finally realized that there was more water going into the pool than anybody could get out of it.

Stage 3 (N 50° 08.774 E 011° 03.814): here you will find the world's largest Präsentkorb (gift basket) - except if you are here during the winter, or during the the basket market which takes place at the weekend of the 3rd Sunday in September and is the town's biggest event. The basket is located directly in front of the town hall, which has been built from 1740 to 1745. On its side, there are public restrooms and across the pedestrian zone is the tourist office. But what you should really look for is the number of Sandsteinwappen (sandstone crests) on the town hall. Afterwards, follow the pedestrian zone south west of the tonw hall.

Stage 4: here you will find some Schweine (pigs). It is arguable how many of them there are exactly, but I hope you have the same opinion than me. Once that's settled, just go through the Unteres Tor (lower gate).

Stage 5: here you will find several Kanonenkugeln (cannonballs) that have been walled in to remember the margravian war of 1553. From their numer it's easy to find out that these are not margrave Georg Wilhelms Kanonenkugeln.

Final: now you may either visit the town museum, or go shopping in the basket store or take a seat in a street cafe to calculate the cache location. It is not far away at N 50° 08.(S3+S4) (S1-S2) (S4-S3) E 011° 03.(S4+S5) (S4-S3) (S3+S5) (calculate digits, do not multiply). While searching, take care that you are not being watched from inside parking cars.

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[Stage 4] gjb unyirf ner bar jubyr
[Final] uvyyfvqr, pnabcvrq, arne "fgrc"



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auch diesen möchten wir hier noch loggen...am Nachmittag ging es auf nach Lichtenfels und hier stand u.a. der Korbstadtrundgang an.Alle Stationen konnten recht gut ermittelt werden u.lediglich beim Final brauchten wir etwas länger.Das lag aber nur an uns denn Hinweise gibt es ja genug.Dieser kleine Stadtmulti hat uns gut gefallen.Danke sagen Makablau :)

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Laut dem Listing auf der anderen Plattform finden an Stage 3 Bauarbeiten statt, dazu gibt es den Hinweis:

Haltet einfach nach den großen Holzabdeckungen zwischen EG und OG des Gebäudes ausschau. Jede Holzabdeckung entspricht einen Sandsteinwappen.

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Schöner Stadtbummel!

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