Pulkaus Kirchen / Churches of Pulkau

 A small walk through Pulkau

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Achtung! Dieser Geocache ist „archiviert“! Es befindet sich kein Behälter an den angegebenen (oder zu ermittelnden) Koordinaten. Im Interesse des Ortes sollte von einer Suche unbedingt abgesehen werden!

N 48° 42.375' E 015° 51.539' (WGS84)

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Pulkau has more to be seen than the mentioned churches. You can find more informations about the stages and other worth to be seen places at http://members.aon.at/fvv-pulkau-noe/pulkau/geschichte/geschichliches.htm (german only). A walk besides this tour is really recommendable.

Stage 1: "Kirche zum kostbaren Blut Christi"
N 48° 42.375, E 015° 51.539

The church is also known as Blutkirche ("blood-church"), which is no coincidence. The historical tradition tells that the church was built at the place of the houses and with the funds of the displaced jews. Remarkable is the special shape of the building and the the winged altar from 1515.

Search for an entrance, which is opened during the day, too and look directly at the already mentioned winged altar, but before you enter the building you will find high above an information about a renovation of the church in the year ???? (x=????). When looking at the altar you see two saints figures in the foreground at the corners. Are they

A. two malefigures (y=1),
B. a male and a female figure (y=2) or
C. two female figures (y=3)?


A. both (z=4)
B. one (z=8)
C. none (z=12)

of them holding a crook in their hands?

A = x/(y+z)

Stage 2: "Pfarrkirche St. Michael"
N 48° 42.481, E 015° 51.656

You're on the graveyard and in front of the parish church St. Michael, which was already erected in the 12th century. The charnel house in the style of a round chapel can be hardly ignored as well. At the outer walls of the church are lots of tombstones embedded. Walk around the church and have a look at the inscriptions:
  • Who was master baker ("Bäckermeister") and house owner ("Hausbesitzer"), living from 1802 - 1876? Count the number of letters of the pre- and the surname to get B.
  • P. Mosmeyer, P. Burger, P. Schwanda and P. Tieze are commemorated on one plate together. How many years did they live altogether? The sum is C.
  • How much tombstones placed directly side by side are reminding of members of the family Columbus (D)?
  • P. Felix Hauser had lots of titles and honors. Here is not enough space to mention them all. The difference between the years of birth and dying is E.
  • Who was married to the master furrier ("Kürschnermeister") Johann Haller? The number of the letters of her first name is F.

Stage 3: The Cache

The 0.3l box can be found under some stones at

N 48° 42.[A + B*D + C - E + 2*D*F - D - 1]
E 015° 51.[A + B*D + C + D*E + F - 2]

Please don't take logbook, cachenote, pencil and sharpener with you, there are some other trading items, too. ;)


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gefunden 11. April 2009 rainmaker-aut hat den Geocache gefunden

Nach anfänglichen Schwierigkeiten, die Tür aufzubekommen, beim zweiten Versuch, nachdem ich einmal mit falschen Variablen für y und z
gestartet war, dann doch noch geglückt!

(Nachlog auf OC)

gefunden 14. März 2009 Johny299 hat den Geocache gefunden

Bei der 1. Kirche waren alle Türen verschlossen. Durch ein Fenster in der Tür konnten wir zumindest 1 Person mit Sicherheit bestimmen. Den Rest haben wir mit etwas Raten hingebracht. Bei der 2. Kirche konnten wir mit einer Runde alle Fragen beantworten und so rasch fündig werden. Herzlichen Dank fürs Zeigen sagen
Franziska und Franz

gefunden 13. Juli 2008 Mausbiber hat den Geocache gefunden

wunderschöner stimmiger cache. der gotische hochaltar ist ja atemberaubend.

TFTC  lg die mausbiber susanna & heinz

P.S: 24.11.08 nachgeloggt

gefunden 07. Juni 2007 Gavriel hat den Geocache gefunden

The entrance of the "bloody" church was locked (also it must have been used only a short while before, according to the many rose-petals on the steps), but we were able to retrieve the info through the windows.
We hesitated a bit to count the letters of the furrier's wife because it seems that the guy was married twice.
The cache was found quickly and without any muggles.
Out: Pillbox
In: TB Diabetes for America, terracotta thing

thx, Gavriel & Mike

gefunden 01. Juni 2007 M.W. hat den Geocache gefunden

Really impressing, those churches of Pulkau - and really well worth to be visited.
After two times circulating the upper one we proceeded to the cache, the lock-bar of the graveyards door was almost a heavy backstroke.
in a pillbox
out a stamp
thx, M&W