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Kleine Klammrunde

 Rundwanderung durch die Kleine Raabklamm

di gebu     Austria > Steiermark > Oststeiermark

Attenzione! Questa geocache è "archiviata"! Non c'è un contenitore fisico alle coordinate specificate (o a quelle che devono essere determinate). L'interesse del luogo non è necessariamente la ricercare!

N 47° 11.631' E 015° 36.225' (WGS84)

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 Dimensioni: piccola
Stato: archiviata
 Tempo necessario: 2:15 h   Lunghezza percorso: 7 km
 Nascosta il: 02. giugno 2007
 Pubblicata dal: 02. giugno 2007
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 13. giugno 2011
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC383F
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Descrizione    Deutsch (Tedesco)

Start dieser Runde ist der Parkplatz bei der Stoffmühle. Hier überquert man die Raab um zunächst auf einer Forststrasse, danach auf einen schönen Steig immer nah am Bach durch die Schlucht zu wandern.

Stage 1:
N 47° 11.631
E 15° 36.225
Etwa 15m oberhalb von Ewalds Platzl findet man den Micro.

Weiter gehts bis zur Einmündung des Bärentals bei Stage 2:
N 47° 11.477
E 15° 36.755
Wieviele Leute wohl schon ohne es zu wissen über B gewandert sind? Bei Unklarheiten: B ist keine Strasse und dreistellig.

Wer es eilig hat kann hier die Raab durchwaten, und über ein Steigerl auf den Hohenkogel steigen.
Der Rest folgt weiter dem markierten Weg bis Oberdorf, wo bei
N 47° 10.745
E 15° 36.353
ein etwas steileres Ex-Strasserl ebenfalls auf die Anhöhe führt.

Wilde Tiere verraten einem C bei Stage 3:
N 47° 11.214
E 15° 35.896

Weiter den markierten Weg entlang bis
N 47° 11.(B-A)
E 15° 35.(B-C)
wo sich die Dose oberhalb einer grossen Wurzel versteckt.

Länge: ca. 7 km, 200hm, einfache Wanderung. In Oberdorf gibts auf halber Strecke ein Gasthaus.

    Prefix Lookup Name Coordinate
  AB ABZ Abzweigung (Reference Point) N 47° 10.745 E 015° 36.353
Note: Weg auf den Hohenkogel
  S2 STAGE2 Stage 2 (Question to Answer) N 47° 11.477 E 015° 36.755
  S3 STAGE3 Stage 3 (Question to Answer) N 47° 11.214 E 015° 35.896

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trovata 10. febbraio 2008 Gustus ha trovato la geocache

Das ist wirklich ein schöner Rundwanderweg. Zusammen mit Gert und E. die "große" Runde gegangen. Gebu bürgt eben für Qualität. Danke für den Cache.

trovata 19. agosto 2007 cezanne ha trovato la geocache

This cache has been on my list of caches I would like to visit for quite a long time, but it took kind of an eternity until I felt fit enough to give the cache a try. Thanks to some information kindly provided by Pr3ach3rman I knew that the route along which cache leads does not pose high physical demands and that the main challenges for me are to be expected at Stages 1 and 2.

I started from the parking lot at the Stoffmühle (fortunately, I knew its location as the parking coordinates provided in the cache description are quite wrong). I was surprised that almost all of the way to Stage 1 led along a very comfortable path, only the very last part became more diffcult. I enjoyed the walk along the river despite the fact that in this part of my walk I met quite a lot of people.

I had no problems to reach Ewald's place, but the remaining meters up to Stage 1 ended up as quite hard work for me and a challenge both mentally and physically. I was very happy when I arrived at the location where I had expected the micro right away. After a short break I had to master the next challenge: get back safely to the path which I managed as well. Back at the path I was a bit tired, but happy.

As the path from Stage 1 to Stage 2 is very comfortable, I took the chance to cool down again. Accessing the information at Stage 2 was easier than expected and soon I could continue to Stage 3. I took the route via Oberdorf. Close to the Stage 3 I first took the wrong way, but realized my mistake soon. Obtaining C was a piece of cake. After having caculated the coordinates of the cache, I headed off for the cache. The closer I came to the target area, the worse the reception became. Most of the time I had no reception at all. So I started to search around a little bit for big roots, but to no avail. Then I tried to reobtain a satellite fix at several locations, again with no success. As a last approach I increased the diameter of my search circle and changed the approach: Try to look for places which are gebu-like and not just an abitrary root of an arbitrary tree. With this approach I finally managed to find the cache at a location where I never would have found it by the last bearing I had obtained when I lost the GPS-reception. The cache container is in good condition.
It was a little bit tricky for me to reach the cache container and to get to the trail back safely, but I succeeded.

Thank you gebu for hiding another nice cache and special thanks for keeping the terrain difficulties moderately low.
I was not aware of the fact that the hiking path along the Raab is so easy in this area.
Due to Stage 1 I still had to go until my currents limits to find this cache - a more difficult one would not have been manageable for me. Unfortunately, attractive places tend to be at locations that are difficult to reach. The route of this cache except the last meters to some stages and to the cache are very easy and can be recommened also to families with small children and to people with limited fitness.

The cache by the way had several visitors which have not yet logged online, among them are M.W. who took out the geocoin.

No trade

PS: A hint for the cache which helps to find the right area might be helpful in Summer time. The spoiler picture is of no help if one is far from the hideout.

trovata 05. agosto 2007 M.W. ha trovato la geocache

Der erste Cache an der Raab, da haben wir gleich einiges gelernt:
zB daß mit "klein" nicht die Runde gemeint ist, sondern die Klamm . Gestartet sind wir bei der Stoffmühle, die angegebenen Parkkoordinaten haben uns ein wenig verwirrt.
Aber schön wars, vielen Dank!
In ein Würfel
Geocoin retrieved

trovata 05. agosto 2007 LonesomeConebag ha trovato la geocache

Herrlicher Sonntagnachmittagsspaziergang durch die Raabklam, das haben sich warscheinlich all die vielen Muggles auch gedacht.
Bei stage 2 "leichte" Schwierigkeiten gehabt, aber dann doch noch dan P3 Hilfe den Cache gefunden.

trovata 20. luglio 2007 meliponini ha trovato la geocache

Was macht man bei dieser abnormalen Hitze die im Moment herrscht??? Genau, man verzieht sich in den Wald!
Vielen Dank für diese tolle Runde.

TNLN meliponini